The Magicians Season 2 episode 3 Review: magnificent Elimination

We learned around the Beast"s curse on The Magicians Season 2 episode 2. But the means it played out still managed to it is in a surprise.

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The only thing more fun than watching the royal friends effort to assassinate one another was city hall Penny shot to prevent them.

Fen: Curses space tricky.Penny: girlfriend don"t say.Fen: they usually end once they"ve run their course. And not before.Penny: that doesn"t help us. This one seems to desire to run its course till they"re all dead.

He"s by far the character through the least patience for the group"s regularly adolescent behavior. He sticks v them because it"s practical and the right thing come do.

But part of him probably obtained just as lot satisfaction of the end of their short-term deaths together Fen did with Margo"s.

And it"s hard to blame him for that. Especially due to the fact that he"s experienced so much lately.


Naturally, more suffering was his reward for saving the day.

Sometimes, it"s hard to prefer Julia. We deserve to understand whereby she"s comes from. 

She"s been hurt in the worst feasible way. She desires to avoid a monster. I desire her to succeed in make Reynard pay.


But she go too far when she ache Penny.

How walk leaving the with destructive magic solve anything? She come off prefer a boy throwing a tantrum due to the fact that she didn"t gain her way.

She had actually to know at that suggest it was also late to get back to Marina.

Reynard: I"m impressed. You have talent.Marina: i bet that"s what you speak to every the girls before you rape them, kill them, and also eat your hearts.

Poor Marina.

She"s excellent some terrible things in the past, too. However she did not deserve what taken place to her. That"s on Julia together well.

Julia knew what Reynard would execute to Marina. Possibly she believed she"d be there to save her. 

But provided her history, and also how frequently things walk wrong, some part of her must have actually known this would certainly happen.


Of course she might not have guessed just how slow and also gross the torture would be. I"m not certain I"ll ever before get the picture of Marina"s cat out of my head.

But whereby does Julia walk from here? Reynard demands to die. She"s right about that. 

The smart choice would it is in to team up v Quentin and also the others. Unfortunately, I"m not certain the team would take her ago at this point.

Not ~ what she interference price them.


The scene leading as much as the final fight were some of the best in the episode.

Quentin and also Alice"s private moments constantly come across as awkward. Also with whatever they"ve to be through, they still have trouble expressing just how they feel. 

But Quentin came with with a an effective speech Alice necessary to hear. The wasn"t making excuses or false promises.

He just wanted she to understand that he would be the much better man she deserved.

And the succeeded, however not in the means any of united state were expecting.

Although, maybe we should have actually been given the means the display took the moment to remind us exactly how Alice"s brother passed away in the previously on segment in ~ the start of the episode.

I wish reflects would to trust viewers" memories quite than remind us of a past activity before it"s repeated. Permit us affix the dots ~ above our own after that unfolds.

You"re no god! You"re a farm animal! You"re a farm yard animal!

The Beast

For the second week in a row, we were hit end the head through the meaning of an illustration title.

It"s most likely a for sure bet that no one guessed that"s what they intended by "Divine Elimination."

Because gross. And also childish.

No wonder Fillory is dying as soon as one the its gods outcomes to bathroom humor to stick it come his enemy.

Be honest. You"re walking to miss out on the Beast a little. I am, too. 

Mainly because Charles Mesure is talented sufficient to sell the character"s outrageous behavior. Plus, the singing. 

But the still feeling satisfying to watch him die. The youngsters of all people can breath a little easier v him out of the picture. 

Except it"s quiet confusing as to whether magic is for sure now. Is the still feasible after Ember took it upon himself to destroy the wellspring?

You"re not also a actual magician, space you, Martin? You"re simply a scared tiny boy. Friend wouldn"t last an hour in ~ Brakebills.


It seems like a for sure bet that magic will stay viable. 

The royals are going to require it to lug Alice back. Since they have actually to bring her back. She"s method too necessary to just die.

Alice passed away a heroic death made even more tragic by the fact that Quentin was the one to seal her fate. That made the appropriate call. Even if it"s permanent, which ns don"t desire it come be, Quentin had to defend Margo and also Eliot.

Eliot: Jesus. Alice has gone complete Harry Potter component seven/eight end there.Margo: God, i hope we"re winning.

Which more illustrates the differences between Quentin and also Julia.

He"s looking at the bigger picture while she"s focusing on the satisfaction of prompt revenge. She didn"t treatment who the Beast ache as long as the ends justified the means.

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Quentin knowingly took activity that caused the death of the woman he loves because he essential to conserve his friends, that didn"t deserve to die.