Season 15, episode 1 Spooky Surprises

The Kitchen is offer up some tricks and even far better treats because that Halloween with Jeff Mauro"s Monster Mac and also Cheese and also Katie Lee"s Butternut Squash Soup. Learn fun and also easy ways to do Frightening Food Crafts, and also then it"s time to pass the Cauldron Cake. The piece of Cake Halloween party is pack with great ideas for whatever from decor come dessert, and Geoffrey Zakarian offer up a Shirley temple of death that"s perfect for trick-or-treaters both young and old.

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Season 15, episode 2 Feast of fall Flavor

The Kitchen is getting into the loss spirit through a feast complete of loss flavors. Katie Lee whips up comforting Creamy Chicken and Dumplings, and also the hosts share your a-maize-ing DIY decor ideas for the vacation table. Food Network"s Aarti Sequeira flavors things up v a Roasted root Jumble, and also Sunny Anderson fires increase the sluggish cooker because that her easy Slow Cooker Sauerbraten. Jeff Mauro and a unique sous chef, actress Geneva Carr, round out the feast top top a sweet note with a Mauro apple Crumb Cake. Finally, everyone nibbles ~ above Sweet and also Savory Pumpkin seed as they sip nutty Squirrel"s Stash Cocktails.

Season 15, illustration 3 Our ideal Fall finds

The Kitchen is share a love for autumn with new and an innovative recipes favor Sunny Anderson"s mystery ingredient Red Eye Beef Stew and also Geoffrey Zakarian"s Thai Fried Riced Cauliflower. Acquire fresh for autumn with great ways to chef with squash, consisting of Katie Lee"s Toad in a Hole and Jeff Mauro"s "Squacho" cheese sauce. Cookbook author Raquel Pelzel stops by to offer up her Sheet Pan Mac and Cheese, and also the hosts share funny pumpkin decor ideas that leave everyone saying, "Oh my gourd!" Geoffrey wraps up the party with a pear cocktail with a peppery twist.

Season 15, episode 4 simply Desserts

The Kitchen is satisfying every sweet tooth v a show full of holiday desserts, starting with Geoffrey Zakarian"s quick Caramelized to apologize Tart. Uncover out what tools space must-haves for the best baked goods, and turn a standard dessert right into a molten masterpiece through the Molten Bananas Foster Cake. The hosts develop an ice cream cream sundae bar inspired by popular holiday pies, and also baker Gesine Bullock-Prado stop by to do a Sweet Potato Cheesecake and assist identify the troubles behind some common dessert fails. Geoffrey wraps increase a sweet day through a Cranberry Sweetheart sour cocktail.

Season 15, episode 5 Friendsgiving Feast

The Kitchen hosts a star-studded Friendsgiving feast through Food Network girlfriend Ree Drummond, Eddie Jackson and also Trisha Yearwood. The star the the meal is sunny Anderson"s "Sunny, that Pecanned my Bird" Bird. Ree shares her recipe for Homemade green Bean Casserole, Eddie renders his "Dressed Up" Mac and also Cheese, and Trisha serves up a Lemon Pecan Slab Pie. The master then include festive flare come the table v beautiful and edible Thanksgiving centerpieces. Finally, Geoffrey Zakarian makes a Gobble Gobble Punch and our Friendsgiving guests reveal their most shocking Turkey work confessions.

Season 15, illustration 6 Turkey work Tricks

The Kitchen hosts provide away their finest Turkey job tricks and recipes consisting of Geoffrey Zakarian"s Bone-In Turkey Breast with Lemon Caper Sauce. Discover the mystery ingredients that add surprising flavor come Katie Lee"s Sweet Potatoes, Jeff Mauro"s Cranberry Sauce and Geoffrey"s Pumpkin Pie. Chief James Briscione stop by v a Pumpkin spice Crumble and Valerie Bertinelli renders her to apologize Walnut Stuffing. The Kitchen Helpline opens up come answer her most essential Thanksgiving questions, climate Valerie has one more surprise with a secret-ingredient Party Mix if Geoffrey offer up a Moscow Turkey.

Season 15, illustration 7 full House because that the Holidays

"Tis the season to have actually a full house because that the holidays and Jeff Mauro is ready with his crowd-pleasing Santa"s Sausage and also Snow Strata brunch. The master share their tips for prepping the perfect meat and also cheese board, then Katie Lee makes a festive and also flavorful chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake. Cook Jose Garces then brings Latin flavor to the feast through his Chorizo-Stuffed Pork Loin. Finally, discover fun winter wonderland crafts that are great for the kids" table, then optimal the vacation off through two nightcaps -- one naughty and also one nice!

Season 15, illustration 8 A Festive family members Feast

The Kitchen is decking the halls for a holiday feast and also Katie Lee kicks things off v her sticky Apricot Drumsticks. Chef Bobby Flay stop by to do his shaved Brussels Sprout Salad v Pomegranate Vinaigrette and also Pecans, and then cook Fabio Viviani brings a taste that Italy with his new Pappardelle with Sausage and Beef Bolognese. Add to the corridor shares principles for sprucing up typical holiday hostess gifts, shows how to dress up holiday cookie with new decoration inspiration and also enjoys a warm mug the Fireside Brulee Coffee.

Season 15, episode 9 Jolly great Holiday

The Kitchen is bringing great tidings and also a an excellent menu for holiday cheer. Come start, Geoffrey Zakarian offer Beef Tenderloin v Jeff Mauro"s Blue Cheesy Yorkshire Puddings. The sides space Sunny Anderson"s basic Garlicky Lemon Butter green Beans and also Katie Lee"s Mashed potatoes Gratin. Baker mockery Snyder stops by v his wife, actress Angela Kinsey, come decorate holiday cookies and create a Gingerbread home Cookie Cake. Geoffrey Zakarian toasts the season with a Mulled Cranberry Punch.

Season 15, episode 10 Brunch Resolutions

The Kitchen kicks turn off the new Year through resolutions because that brunch. Geoffrey Zakarian starts turn off with one of Spain"s most famous dishes, a Brunch Tortilla, and also Katie Lee cooks increase the crowd-pleasing mashup Pizza Waffle Sticks with Ranch Dip. Experienced baker and host of "Baked in Vermont" Gesine Prado brings festive Lemon Blues Muffins with a Crumble Topping and also Chef Patrick Connolly share his recipe because that Banana French Toast. Climate hosts guess the biggest food trends of 2018 and round the end brunch v a Spiked Coffee Punch.

Season 15, illustration 11 Hearty and Healthy

The Kitchen is make flavorful and veggie-packed recipes! Jeff Mauro share his Chicken Pot Pie with Butternut Squash Gravy and also Katie Lee adds her Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash boats to the menu. The hosts have actually the decision on several of your most questionable wellness habits and also talk healthy and balanced swaps because that favorite foods in a ring of "If You prefer This, shot This." Geoffrey Zakarian serves up a new twist top top a classic with Sweet Potato Pizza Crust. Sunny Anderson shares her recipe for Maple Almond Butter Brownies that pair perfectly with Geoffrey Zakarian"s Oat Milk Latte.

Season 15, illustration 12 flavors That Whisk You away

The corridor takes a tropic trip, and Katie Lee starts with her slow Cooker Hawaiian pulled Pork. Jeff Mauro serves up a crispy Hash Brown Crusted Halibut, and also Chef Tino Feliciano stop by with a Puerto Rican-style Chicken Sofrito through Pomegranate and also Cilantro Chimichurri. The hosts share a Flavor guide to Citrus through recipes because that Geoffrey Zakarian"s Citrus Avocado Salad and also Sunny Anderson"s Grapefruit Coconut Cooler. Then they put a tropical twisted on favorite foods items with Jeff"s Pineapple Upside-Down Pancakes and also Sunny"s Guava Grilled Cheese. Plus the gang shares the end grilling tips in addition to Geoffrey"s Tropical warmth Wave Punch.

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Season 15, episode 13 Dining on A Dime

The Kitchen hosts room sharing tips because that money-saving meals and dollar-stretching deals, starting with sunny Anderson"s Meat N" potatoes Bundt Loaf. Then they"ll malfunction your purchase cart and also determine the best place come buy typical grocery items. Food blogger and cookbook author Robyn rock shares a freezer-friendly recipe, her Weeknight Beef and also Bean Casserole through Cornbread Topping. Geoffrey Zakarian whips increase his Pantry Pasta through ingredients you currently have on hand. The master share decorating ideas using items native the dollar store and also top it off with a money-saving cocktail, one Orange Bourbon Iced Tea.


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