Your servant! her servant!Indeed I"m no you maid --Although you give me much less than servant"s pay --I"m a free and live independence employé...(sigh) employee.Because I"m a womanYou think, prefer ev"ry womanI need to be a slave or concubine.You conceited, self-indulgent libertine! ...(sigh)libertine! How i wish I called him that!Right come his face! Libertine!And when we"re top top the subject, sire,There are details goings on approximately this placeThat ns wish to tell girlfriend I carry out not admire:I carry out not prefer polygamyOr also moderate bigamyI realizeThat in your eyesThat clearly makes a prig o" me.But i am indigenous a civilized land dubbed Wales!Where males like you room locked in ar jails!In your pursuit of pleasure, youHave mistresses who treasure youThey have actually no ken of other menBeside whom they deserve to measure youA i m crying of sheep and you"re the just ramNo wonder you"re the wonder that Siam! I"m fairly glad ns didn"t to speak that...not through the women right there...and the children The children, the children,I"ll no forget the children,No issue where i go I"ll constantly seeThose small faces feather up at me...At first, once I began to teach,They to be shy and also remained the end of reach,But lately I"ve thoughtOne or two have actually been caughtBy a word I have saidOr a sentence I"ve readAnd I"ve heard an occasional questionThat implied, in ~ least, a suggestionThat the occupational I"ve to be trying to doWas beginning to show with a few...That Prince ChululongkornIs really like his father.He"s stubborn-but inquisitive and smart...I need to leave this place prior to they break my heartI should leave this place prior to they break my heart!Goodness! I had no idea it was so late.Shall i tell friend what i think the you?You"re spoiled!You"re a conscientious workerBut your spoiled.Giving credit where it"s dueThere is much I like in youBut it"s also very trueThat her spoiled!Everybody"s constantly bowing come the KingEverybody has to grovel to the King.By your Buddha you are blessedBy your ladies you"re caressed,But the one who loves you finest is the King.All that bowing and also kow-towingTo repeat you of her royalty,I uncover a many disgusting exhibition.I wouldn"t asking a Siamese catTo demonstrate his loyaltyBy acquisition this man positionHow would certainly you prefer it if you were a manPlaying the component of a toad.Crawling around on your elbows and also knees.Eating the dust that the road!...Toads! Toads! all of your world are toads!Yes, her Majesty;No, her Majesty.Tell us just how low to go, her Majesty;Make some an ext decrees, her Majesty,Don"t let united state up off out knees, her Majesty.Give united state a kick, if friend please her MajestyGive us a kick, if friend would, your MajestyOh, that was good, your Majesty!