Seattle indie-folk band The Head and also the Heart, played a offered out set at Stubb’s top top Friday, as part of their national tour because that their brand-new album “Signs the Light.” The six-member band filled the audience with energy and also joy, creating a sublime suffer for the group’s Austin pan base.

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Story by Hayli Rudolph

Photos by Claire Schaper

The Head and also the Heart took the phase a little after 9:30 p.m., kicking off the evening with a radio favorite, “All We ever before Knew.” The phase was decorated through several tiny palm trees on both sides. White lamp hung from the ceiling and also a neon authorize that check out “Signs of Light” beamed behind the drummer.

After getting the evening started, the band worked out into a steady mix of newer and older songs. Among the lead singers, Jonathan Russell, inquiry the audience come pull the end their flashlights for “Let’s be Still,” do Stubb’s radiate through twinkles indigenous iPhone light beams.


Lead singer Jonathan Russell and violinist Charity Rose carry out songs from their previous two albums, :Let"s be Still" and also "The Head and also the Heart."

In one of the many noteworthy moments of the night, the band lugged out their opening act, Declan Mckenna and his band, to assist sing “Lost in my Mind.” The audience was an unlimited wave the motion, jumping, dancing and also singing, equivalent the energy of the band members ~ above stage.

Every every new tune that the night brought brand-new colors come the phase background and also the “Signs that Light” sign. The crowd and also the band fed turn off of each other’s energy, especially that the singer and also violinist Charity climbed Thielen, who was often caught skipping and dancing throughout the stage. Matt Gervias, the stand-in vocalist and also guitarist for constant Head and the love member Josiah Johnson, was exceptionally interactive through the crowd. Transparent the show, Gervais jumped into the pit to shake hands, provide out a few hugs, and also for one happy woman, a kiss.


Matt Gervais join the tape in march 2016 to replace previous tape member Josiah Johnson.

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The band’s last track of the night was “Down in the Valley.” Cheers and also clapping indigenous the crowd intensified during Thielen’s soulful violin solo. Together the band waved your goodbyes, the audience wasted no time before chanting “encore.” five minutes later, Russell went back to the stage to sing “Library Magic,” soon adhered to the remainder of the band. The following song, “Cats and Dogs,” faded seamlessly into “Couer d’Alene.”

The band finished the evening through their 2011 hit “Rivers and also Roads.” The Head and also the heart gracefully walked turn off the stage, leaving the audience in awe. The crowd made their way towards the exits with an euphoric feeling of ease.

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