F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Childhood and also AdulthoodF. Scott Fitzgerald’s Writing style in The great Gatsby

About the author of The an excellent Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald is considered one that the most prominent American novelists, primarily because of the success the his novel, The an excellent Gatsby. But what renders this novel therefore successful? it is likely the closeness of his character’s experiences to his own an individual experience — particularly in relationship to the search of the American Dream.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Childhood and Adulthood

As a child and also young adult, Fitzgerald’s experience is comparable to James Gatz’s endure of comes from an not successful family and trying to fashion a brand-new name because that himself. Fitzgerald frequently imagined self attaining wealth and also prosperity, lot like Gatsby. Additionally like Gatsby, Fitzgerald never really knowledgeable true happiness and also died in ~ a really young age. Fitzgerald did have the possibility to to visit Princeton University, and he even discovered influence in ~ the Triangle Club until he flunked out of Princeton after being rejected by a girl.

After failing Princeton, lot like Gatsby, Fitzgerald enlisted in the army and also met his future wife, Zelda, if stationed in Montgomery, Alabama. Even though Zelda damaged off her engagement with Fitzgerald once as result of his lack of jae won stability, Fitzgerald still managed to get married Zelda and also saw success in posting his an initial novel,This side of Paradise. This is wherein Gatsby’s story diverts indigenous Fitzgerald’s, together Gatsby was unsuccessful in recapturing Daisy native Tom’s grip.


Much favor Gatsby, Fitzgerald and also Zelda delighted in their newfound wealth and also success in see this very first novel published; however, the Fitzgeralds to be uncomfortable v their brand-new roles in the top crust of society and fled come the French Riviera. Below he wrote and also published a string of effective novels, includingThe good Gatsby.Soon, the Fitzgeralds’ lives began to fall apart, both as Fitzgerald became an alcoholic and Zelda experienced a psychological breakdown. Eventually, Zelda was committed come a sanitarium, and Fitzgerald suffered a heart attack at 44 and died.

Even thoughThe an excellent Gatsbywas published during the element of Fitzgerald’s life, over there is an eerie resemblance in between Fitzgerald and Gatsby’s fate. When Fitzgerald dies an alcoholic struck by a love attack, Gatsby is likewise drunk through his obsession end Daisy and is eliminated by one outsider. Even though Fitzgerald “got the girl” and Gatsby did not, neither male experienced a fulfilling partnership with the woman of their dreams. Even though Fitzgerald tells the story ofThe an excellent Gatsbythrough the voice that Nick Carraway, reader cannot assist but imagine Fitzgerald retelling his own story v the character of Jay Gatsby.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s best Influences

Fitzgerald was affected by authors such as Jon Keats and Joseph Conrad. He is most similar to Keats with his simultaneous use of “romantic lyricism” and also “realistic determinism” in his work (Blazek). The poetic nature that Fitzgerald’s occupational is evident in his closely crafted personality and setup descriptions. While part novelists gain writing pages and also pages of descriptive details, Fitzgerald refrains native doing so and also instead offers two or three closely chosen words because that his descriptions.

These brief yet visually rich phrases likewise describe characters and also settings top top a lot deeper level, relocating past beautiful unit volume to reveal the reality of the people and also places within his novels. For example, Daisy’s voice is described as “full the money”. This quick phrase accurately captures Daisy’s personality on lot of levels. Daisy is not just glamour and also luxury embodied, however she is aloof to and also ignorant that the battles of the center or reduced class. Because Daisy has actually only ever before known wealth, even her voice overflows with proof of her being born through a silver- spoon in she mouth.


One have the right to see Joseph Conrad’s influences on Fitzgerald’s writing style through Fitzgerald’s use of Nick Carraway as both a character and an observing narrator, much like the personality Marlow in Conrad’sHeart the Darkness. Fitzgerald looked come both influences, Keats and Conrad, as landmarks of achievement. By emulating both styles, he felt confident in his capability to reach comparable levels as these an excellent authors with the success the his very own works.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Writing layout in The an excellent Gatsby

While Fitzgerald’s occupational is inspired by the writing styles of both Conrad and Keats, Fitzgerald is tho a exceptional novelist in his own right. Fitzgerald offers vivid imagery and metaphors to administer a visual snapshot of his characters and also settings and incorporate deeper definition beyond just physical appearance. Additionally, his sentence structure mirrors the characters and settings by consisting generally of compound-complex sentences. These sentences are mostly spoken through the narrator, Nick, as he attempts come make feeling of the people and places around him.


Figurative Language and also Imagery

Fitzgerald reveals vital details around his characters when he very first describes the mansions the sit throughout the water native one another. Gatsby’s mansion is explained as a “factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy,” which, at very first glance, is just a means for the reader to visualize his mansion by using a allude of reference. However, together the reader learns much more about Gatsby, the mansion becomes a mirror photo of that is resident: both room posers, copies, or fakes doing not have personality or uniqueness.

On the various other hand, the Buchanan mansion is metaphorically described as a stylish white palace glittering follow me the water (Fitzgerald 5). The sophisticated house was decked in French windows, a Georgian colonial mansion, surrounding by overflowing gardens (Fitzgerald 6). These details indicate that this home is no only very expensive, however it has actually existed for many years and also was most likely passed under from wealthy relatives. This details further distinguish the Buchanans indigenous Gatsby and amplify your “old money” status.


Fitzgerald additionally infuses emotional an interpretation into his explanation of his characters: Tom Buchanan is defined as having actually “two glowing arrogant eyes” and his body “capable of massive leverage–a devilish body” (Fitzgerald 7). The writer doesn’t merely state, “Tom is arrogant and cruel”; rather, that incorporates this vices right into the physical description of Tom’s external appearance. By act so, Fitzgerald encapsulates Tom’s visibility in the novel come an degree where we can almost predict his words and also actions. Together readers, we can safely assume the Tom’s existence in a room feels threatening to at the very least one person, and we can additionally assume that he is evaluate everyone roughly him.

Conversely, his wife, Daisy Buchanan, is described as attract a white dress the was “rippling and also fluttering”, her laugh is both absurd and also charming, and her challenge is all at once sad and lovely (Fitzgerald 9). These details disclose Daisy’s internal problem with she life choices; component of Daisy desire she had run away through a young soldier rather of marrying an abusive and also unfaithful husband. However, the other part of her finds security and comfort in her marriage since of the money and status the provides. Additionally, her clothing are a enjoy of she nature come float innocently with life, free of responsibility, whether it involves raising her daughter or owning up to murdering Myrtle.

Sentence Structure

As the narrator, Nick Carraway speak in a collection of compound-complex sentences. These tumbling, practically rambling sentences winter the narrator’s unfruitful make the efforts to know the motivations the the characters about him. One example is Nick’s very first impression that the Buchanans when he enters your home. If attempting come make feeling of the Buchanan’s move to east Egg, Nick explains that “this was a irreversible move, stated Daisy end the telephone, however I didn’t think it — I had no sight right into Daisy’s heart, but I felt the Tom would drift top top forever seeking, a small wistfully, because that the dramatic disturbance of part irrevocable football game” (Fitzgerald 6). In ~ this compound-complex sentence, Nick discover his very own distrust the the Buchanans, no able to discern even if it is their past decisions or present words contain the truth.


Why is Nick the narrator the The great Gatsby?

Nick involves the eastern from a humble yet respected lift in the Midwest to learn more about the shortcut business. Daisy is a distant cousin, and Nick innocently choose to visit sooner or later before ending up being entangled irrevocably in the fluctuate of their lives, specifically once Gatsby it s okay involved. Nick is the just character no embroiled in the rebellious and also ostentatious way of life of 1920s brand-new York, and he can therefore describe his interactions through these personalities through fresh eyes.

Nick begins the novel with a open minded tone and also is amused by watching the people interact about him yet not necessarily with him. However, as the novel continues, Nick becomes annoyed and describes himself as both “within and also without”; while the is physically current with these other characters, castle act as if that does no exist and also merely usage him when it is convenient. By the finish of the novel, Nick move from annoyance come disgust as the expensive external layers of each character disintegrate to reveal their ugliness inside.


Fitzgerald makes plenty of intentional options throughout his concise novel, whether through creating complicated character descriptions, in fabricating complex sentences to winter character actions, or even through his choice of narrator.

It is interesting that Fitzgerald chose to speak v Nick Carraway, together the character of Jay Gatsby is most comparable to his own life experience. However, if you had actually the possibility to reflect top top your very own life as an outsider, i will not ~ you perform it, too?

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