Frankie Valli and The four Seasons perform"Sherry", their very first nationally releasedsingle and their an initial number one hit onthe united state Billboard hot 100. The 1962chart-topper continued to be number one for fiveconsecutive weeks. Here, Frankie Valliperforms "Sherry" in concert. Associated Article: Jersey Boys: history vs. Hollywood
Dick Clark Frankie Valli Interview onAmerican Bandstand (1978)

Dick Clark interviews Frankie Valli ~ above theAmerican Bandstand TV show in1978. Frankie talks about the future, howhe has remained a success, switchinglabels, and also his knowledge of the musicbusiness.

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The four Seasons "Working My means Back toYou" Live (1966)

Frankie Valli and the four Seasons delivera live TV power of "Working mine WayBack come You" in 1966. The performancecomes adhering to their 1964 brand switchand the 1965 departure of base player NickMassi, portrayed in the JerseyBoys movie. The tune is around a manwho cheated on his girlfriend and also put herthrough emotionally turmoil. After ~ sheleaves, that realizes the he tho lovesher and also attempts to regain her affection.

The four Seasons "December, 1963 (Oh, Whata Night)" Music video clip from 1975

The 4 Seasons carry out "December, 1963(Oh, What a Night)" in 1975. Drummer GerryPolci performs the lead vocals withFrankie Valli supporting. The tune waswritten by band member Bob Gaudio and hiseventual mam Judy Parker. The originallyhad the location "December 5th, 1933" andchampioned the repeal that prohibition. Atthe urging of Frankie Valli and also Parker,Gaudio rewrote the lyrics to it is in anostalgic song around a male remembering hisfirst intimate encounter with a woman.

The 4 Seasons "Who Loves You" Video(1975)

Frankie Valli and also The four Seasons "WhoLoves You" video clip featuring Valli on leadvocals, john Paiva on guitar, Gerry Polcion Drums and also Don Ciccone top top Bass. The "WhoLoves You" music video clip was taped in1975 and also provides a good look at exactly how theband"s appearance readjusted over the years.The tune was supplied in the trailer forthe Jersey Boys movie.

The 4 Seasons "Walk prefer a Man" MusicVideo (1963)

Watch The 4 Seasons "Walk favor a Man"music video from 1963. It functions thefoursome to sing at a dance halloverlooking one interesting range ofenergetic pan unleashing dance move thatcould have only come out of the 1960s.During the record sessions thatproduced the struggle song, producer Bob Crewewould protect against at nothing because that the perfecttake. After realizing the a fire hadbroken the end in the room over the studio,he clogged the studio door and continuedrecording until firemen had to force theirway in and pull Crewe out.

The four Seasons "Big girls Don"t Cry"Live performance (1962)

Frankie Valli and The four Seasons performtheir hit tune "Big girls Don"t Cry" liveon TV in 1962. Valli performs alongsidebandmates Tommy DeVito, Nick Massi and BobGaudio. Favor in the Jersey Boysmovie, Gaudio claims that he came up withthe song while the town hall the 1955 RhondaFleming/Ronald Reagan movieTennessee"s Partner. In themovie, Fleming"s character is slapped inthe face, come which she replies, "Big girlsdon"t cry."

Frankie Valli Jersey guys Interview

Frankie Valley defines how the writerscame up through the concept for the musical,which is told indigenous four various pointsof watch (or seasons). Frankie talks aboutsharing the true story if making surenot to violation anyone involved. Earlyfootage that Frankie Valli and his bandmatesis shown.

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Jersey boys Trailer

Clint Eastwood directs this adaptation ofthe Broadway music Jersey Boys,which chronicles the rise and fall the the1960s music team The 4 Seasons.Broadway actors member john Lloyd Youngreprises his function as Frankie Valli andVincent Piazza portrays bandmate TommyDeVito.