“Your conclusions space incorrect. You created me, produced us, to execute what you would not or could not do. That does no make united state your slaves; it provides us your betters. You may have produced us, however in for this reason doing, you have made yourselves obsolete.” –Unit T3404

Fantasy flight Games is proud come announce revolt of the Machines, the fourth book in The finish of the people roleplaying video game line!

Suited men walk lethally v the crowd, honing in ~ above a single mother. A swarm of practically imperceptible nanites fly v the air, devouring any biological issue that castle contact. You have a horrid, creeping sense of dread that says your dishwasher is make the efforts to death you. An innovation has shame our resides for for this reason long, it’s virtually impossible to imagine a civilization where it’s our worst enemy. Now, you deserve to experience the tumult and chaos that this nightmare apocalypse because that yourself.

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Revolt that the machines is the fourth publication in The end of the people roleplaying video game line created by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey. Favor Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath that the Gods, and also Alien Invasion before it, revolt of the Machines provides you the incredible opportunity to play together yourself, in your own hometown, as the apocalypse erupts all around you. 5 utterly unique scenarios through dozen that adversaries and encounters difficulty you and your friends to survive a world where an innovation has gone rogue, when the elegant, narrative rules mechanism keeps the focus on the story. Prepare to check yourself versus the worst type of technical revolution!


A User’s manual to You

In many roleplaying games, you will do it imagine a character that have the right to be incredibly different from that you room in actual life. You might be a sorceress, or a technologically-enhanced mutant, or even belong come an entirely different species. Rebellion of the Machines, choose the other books of The end of the world RPG line, uses you the unprecedented possibility to play as yourself in the midst of humanity’s critical days. 

Before a drone ever before swoops overhead, firing missiles right into your house city’s downtown skyline, you and also your girlfriend will develop abstracted version of you yourself by assigning points to 6 characteristics: dexterity, vitality, logic, willpower, charisma, and empathy. By equivalent these points come your own personality and skills, you’ll be able to represent your very own capabilities in the game, even if it is you’re to run from a incomprehensibly substantial construct, analysis the schematics of a cyborg prototype, or trying come convince another group the survivors that you’re no a threat. 

Of course, she much more than your raw characteristics. To truly make a personality that deserve to represent you within the game, you’ll need to come up with a collection of features, both positive and also negative. The functions are what important sets you apart from your companions, and also they’ll give you an sheet in some instances while hindering you in others. 


Ultimately, these functions can it is in anything that sets you apart from other people. Because that instance, friend may select to take totally Addicted to mine Phone as a an unfavorable feature—something that would certainly cause problems if her phone is proactively seeking your demise. Of course, you would then balance this out with a positive feature, like organic Runner, i m sorry could assist you sprint away from adversaries favor a cyborg, a low-flying drone bomber, or her phone. 

Once everyone’s created a character, the video game Master starts among the five scenarios included in revolt of the Machines. These scenarios are extremely varied, yet they all begin in the exact same way—you and also your friends room sitting about the table, in your own house, in your own hometown, play a roleplaying game. As the first signs the the apocalypse an episode around you, you’ll draw on your own expertise of adjacent streets and also stores. Girlfriend may recognize a job of woods that’s totally off the net or a sporting products store the you deserve to loot because that weapons. No matter just how the technological apocalypse is striking her group, you will do it need every one of your an individual knowledge, skills, and talents to survive for just one more day.

Mechanical Cunning

We produced technology—from the earliest days of simple tools all the way up to supercomputers and also rockets. We always assumed that producing this modern technology meant we were in control, yet we may have just sown the seeds of our own destruction. In rebellion of the Machines, you’ll find five unique scenarios, and each one supplies a different suggestion for just how our own modern technology may destroy world as we know it. 

Our society may have end up being dependent on little robots well-known as Modulons, just to prove utterly unequipped once the Modulons decide they desire to be in charge. Strange cyborgs may single out and also kidnap humans, slaying anyone that stands in your way. Drones can whiz overhead, dropping bombs and shooting missiles at seemingly random targets. Many trillions of microscope nanobots could scour the earth of organic life, drowning the human being in a lifeless grey desert. Or, every item of an innovation own—computers, vacuum cleaners, cars, fax machines—may spontaneously start trying come kill us in a thousand horrifically varied ways. 

No issue which script you select to play, you’ll find dozens of uniquely crafted enemies and also encounters within the scenario, giving the video game Master v plenty of product for creating a scenario or whole campaign. In addition, revolt of the Machines functions the distinctive scenario structure common throughout The finish of the civilization line. Every scenario starts with the initial panic and fear of the apocalypse as our own technology turns against us. Much of mankind will perish in these first few weeks, but if girlfriend survive, a brand-new normal might arise together you advance into the post-apocalypse. You can never predict specifically how a post-apocalypse will certainly play out, but it will without doubt be simply as dangerous together the apocalypse, if not much more so.


The versatile scenario structure offered by rebellion of the Machines gives you the flexibility to play any kind of length of game you want. If you desire to play a one-night adventure that ends in horrific fatality for every player, you have the devices you should make that memorable. If, top top the various other hand, you choose to begin a project that girlfriend can proceed for months, or even years, the scenarios in rebellion of the devices provide much more than enough ideas to make that possible. Your personalities may even be able to rise to some type of greatness in a world readjusted forever through the technology rebellion!

Machines gone Rogue

The an innovation that permeates our daily lives has actually turned against us—now it’s as much as you to determine whether you’re maybe to make it through the incoming apocalypse.

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Every day is an additional victory, whether you’re hiding indigenous cyborgs, hacking a drone, or stoming a press to death. Prepare for the finish of the world, and also look for revolt of the devices at your local retailer in the third quarter the 2016!