This song was written amidst some “family stuff” that taken place in new York whilst touring how Big, just how Blue, just how Beautiful.Talking come Alt 92.3, Florence explained:“For me… review More 
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I feel nervous in a method that can't it is in namedI dreamt critical night of a sign that read "The end of love"And i remember thinkingEven in my dreamingIt to be a an excellent line because that a songWe were a family pulled native the floodYou tore the floorboards upAnd let the flow rush inNot wash away, to wash awayWe were getting to in the darkThat summer in new YorkAnd it was so much to fallBut the didn't hurt in ~ allAnd allow it wash away, wash awayIn a moment of joy and fury i threw myselfFrom the balcony choose my grandmother so plenty of years prior to meI've constantly been in love v youCould girlfriend tell the from the moment that i met you?
We to be a household pulled from the floodYou tore the floorboards upAnd let the river rush inNot to wash away, to wash awayWe were reaching in the dark (Wash away)That summer in new York (Wash away)And to be it so much to fall? (Wash away)You said it didn't hurt at allAnd let it to wash away, wash awayAnd Joshua came under from the mountainWith a tablet computer in his handsTold me the he love me, yeahAnd then ghosted me againWe were getting to in the darkThat summer in new YorkAnd it was so much to fallBut the didn't hurt at allI permit it wash away, to wash away
Reaching in the dark (Wash away)That summer in new York (Wash away)And was it so much to fall? (Wash away)You claimed it didn't hurt at allAnd allow it wash away, wash away
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This track was created amidst some “family stuff” that happened in new York whilst touring How Big, exactly how Blue, just how Beautiful.

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Talking come Alt 92.3, Florence explained:

“For me, that was about dealing with love in a various way; perhaps not love in a romantic sense, but the end of love that came from a location of absence or need”.

This echoes the sentiment of Hunger, which defines the human being need to find for things to to fill the voids in our lives, such as with love, and learning to expropriate that feeling instead of unending attempting to patch it with fleeting relationships. ‘The finish of Love’ extend this concept, reiterating that Florence has learned come love romantically and also from free will, and also not to get in a partnership in order to replace something she’s lacking from she life.

It was likewise considered to come to be the title track of Florence + the Machine’s 4th album, however “High together Hope” to be chosen instead as the former was as well “negative”.

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High as Hope (2018)
Florence + The Machine
The end of Love
Written By
Florence Welch & Tobias Jesso Jr.
Tobias Jesso Jr.

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Tobias Jesso Jr.
Strings Arranger
Sally Herbert
Bass Guitar
Doveman & Andrew Wyatt
Strings Leader
Everton Nelson
Strings Contractor
Isobel Griffiths
Mastering Engineer
John Davis (Mastering Engineer)
Owen Slade
Ed Tarrant & Andy Wood
Baritone Saxophone
Dave Bishop
Mixing Engineer
Tom Elmhirst
Bass Clarinet
Anthony Pike
Gavin McNaughton
Andrew Crowley
Double Bass
Mary Scully & Allen Walley
Florence Welch
Florence Welch
Emile Haynie & thomas Barnett
Dan Newell
Assistant record Engineer
John Prestage
French Horn
Richard Berry, Richard Watkins, Katy Woolley & Pip Eastop
Assistant mixing Engineer
Brandon Bost
Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Vicky Matthews & Tony Woollard
Richard George, Everton Nelson, Ian Humphries, Julia Singleton, Tom Pigott-Smith, Calina de la Mare, Warren Zielinski, Gillon Cameron, Lucy Wilkins, Emil Chakalov, Oli Langford & Alison Dods
Louisa Fuller, Bruce White, Rachel Robson, Reiad Chibah, Joel Hunter & Claire Orsler
Recording Engineer
Tom Bailey, Emile Haynie & Timothy Montague
Recorded At
Beacon House, Los Angeles; 123, London & The Dairy, London / Orchestra in ~ Air, London
Release Date
June 29, 2018
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