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Who execute you say ns am?

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The encounter Season Two: Who perform You Say ns Am?

Jesus (played by Bruce Marchiano) returns to find civilization needing part help. Don't we all require help?

Season 2 of The encounter from Pure Flix to be released ~ above January 22, 2020 and I for one couldn't wait. Jan 22 was favor Christmas morning for me.

At the moment of this composing the season just acquired started, so stay tuned because that updates together each illustration is released.

In the first episode this season Jesus is literally standing in ~ the door and knocking (technically ringing the doorbell, however close enough).

Just together a side note, i think Bruce theatre a terrific modern-day Jesus. I'm yes, really hoping there's a lot more to come (more seasons, possibly even one more movie).

Have you checked out season 1 that The encounter or any of the movies?

If not, ns recommend you go watch those an initial so you obtain to reap the complete progression that The Encounter.

It's not required from a story perspective, however it's simply nice to see just how things have evolved over the years.

In the series, set in contemporary times, Jesus mirrors up to various human being at an important points in your life.

For example, the very first episode that season 2, Jesus shows up to a mother who is around to have another birthday whereby she thinks nobody cares about her.

She is wishing because that a various life and is envious of she friend who is a fashion designer, people traveler, etc.

Jesus mirrors up together a delivery man transferring a very special gift.

As the illustration progresses Jesus is over there to watch her and also talk come her together she encounters her life choices.

Usually the human being don't understand he is Jesus, but to part he looks familiar. And also in part episodes Jesus announces himself straight ("Who carry out you say i am?").

You will uncover The encounter movies and also TV collection on Pure Flix.

No spoiler Yet!

Ok, therefore there's a possibility you've been busy and also haven't had actually the possibility to checkout The encounter season 2 yet.

I get it, just so numerous hours in a day.

But if you're choose me, girlfriend dislike having tv & movie spoiled.

Still, v TV time sometimes at a premium, you've walk to understand one thing:

Is the town hall The encounter Season 2 worth your time?

The brief answer is: yes!

At the moment of writing, I've watched the first couple of episodes in the new season and I took pleasure in them and am looking front to what's next.

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Aside indigenous this season, I took pleasure in last season and the movies too. I definitely recommend them.