The department 2 keeps what collection the original from other similar looter shooters: The Dark Zone. If the original video game only had one, the sequel has three distinct Dark Zones, where several of the tensest moments of The division 2 come from, and also where the an extremely best loot can be found. Ours The division 2 Dark zone guide will walk you v these perilous areas of the map, detailing just how to unlock them and chest locations and also useful advice on surviving and also thriving in the Dark Zones.

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Want to recognize everything about the various different systems in The department 2? Head on end to ourThe division 2 overview hub to uncover lots an ext information around the game. An ext will be uncovered as Agents pile right into Washington D.C., so continue to be frosty. If you"re in search of information about the pre-endgame an abilities of The division 2, head on end to ourThe department 2 best skills guide for the best an abilities to unlock and also equip, while ours The division 2 ideal perks overview will go into more detail about the exclusive right themselves and also which people are finest to unlock early. For those that simply want to obtain to the endgame quickly, ourThe division 2 exactly how to level up quick guide will offer you advice on how to perform that quickly.

The department 2 Dark region guide

Since the Dark region is a little alien that a ide for all yet the most experienced, this overview will go over exactly how to obtain into the Dark Zone, wherein the Dark ar chests are, what you can find in there, and also some extra advice for surviving - whether you want to forge alliances so that everyone have the right to escape with several of the best loot, or break them and also take them all for you yourself - ya cheeky scamp!

The division 2 Dark Zone guide contents

How to unlock the Dark ar in The department 2
Dark region ranks
Dark Zone eastern chest locations
Changes come the Dark zone in The division 2


How come unlock the Dark region in The department 2

In order to unlock the Dark Zone, you"ll must spend part time completing goals close come the theater settlement. By the time you have actually increased the Theater settlement to rank 3, you"ll be given a brand-new staff member namedSenait Ezera. Speak to her in the Theatre - she"s below if you"re struggling to uncover her - prior to venturing in the direction of the brand-new Dark zone mission in the map. You will certainly then require to finish a short mission for each Dark Zone, performing a little bit of enlightenment of the area and also giving girlfriend a taste of the chaos that Dark Zones, while no actually having other players.


Dark zone ranks

As friend play this mode, there are different rankings for your performance in the Dark Zone. These have the right to go up and down, depending upon how fine you do in there, such as killing enemies, killing other players, or gaining away v being a rogue, among other actions. Upon levelling up in the Dark Zone, you can unlock brand-new perks particularly for usage in the Dark Zone, via the employee member at the White House. Listed below is a table through all the Dark zone perks and the tiers/DZ levels required to unlock them. I"ve do this table searchable, for this reason I very recommend the you search "Tier #", wherein # is any number native 1-11.

Dark zone PerkDark zone Perk descriptionDark zone TierDZ Level Required
Bag SpaceGrants 1 added contaminated item inventory slot.Tier 11
Terminator25% raised Dark region XP because that eliminating other players.Tier 25
Sight Seeing25% raised Dark zone XP indigenous clearing landmarks.Tier 25
Breakin" the Law25% boosted Dark region XP for surviving a rogue timer.Tier 25
Daily WinnerDaily reward(s) from the DZ safe House.Tier 310
Sleight the Hand10% reduction gradually to finish rogue actions.Tier 415
BouncebackRogue cooldown decreased by 10%.Tier 415
Keeper50% opportunity to immediately secure 1 to reduce contaminated article on death.Tier 520
Keymaster25% opportunity to gain DZ keys from prey crates in a DZ.Tier 625
Explosions!25% possibility to get grenades native loot create in a DZ.Tier 625
Medic25% chance to obtain armor kit from prey crates in a DZ.Tier 625
VanishNameplate visibility to other agents is lessened while rogue.Tier 730
X-Ray EyesRogue nameplate detection variety increased.Tier 730
More LootAdditional rewards because that completing DZ alerts and clearing landmarks.Tier 835
Double everyday WinnerAdditional everyday rewards from the DZ safe House.Tier 940
No HonorDaily rewards easily accessible in the Thieves" Den.Tier 940
Keep it Clean10% raised chance for contaminated item come drop.Tier 1045
Get to the Chopper25% faster extraction come time.Tier 1150
Can"t capture Me!25% much faster manhunt bounty clearing.Tier 1150
On your Feet, Soldier25% much faster revive of other SHD agents when SHD.Tier 1150
Dark Deeds25% increased Thieves" Den Triangulation added from rogue actions.Tier 1150

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Dark Zone east chest locations

The best loot has tendency to be discovered in the Dark ar chests. You can acquire keys by one of two people killing various other players if in Manhunt status, or have actually a chance at grabbing a crucial from a yellow (elite) opponent upon taking them out. Listed below are the locations in an ext detail for each of the 6 DZ east chests that you can loot:

DZ Chest 1 -A quick distance away from the main entrance point, head north-east in the direction of the labor Department landmark, making sure to take it out enemies in the area. Check the office structure nearby, there need to be a wall that"s covered in foliage. The chest is in among the rubble.DZ Chest 2- indigenous DZ eastern - Bravo Checkpoint, head come the little underground parking lot nearby. There need to be an enntrance gate to the parking lot come a floor that has actually a blue line. Roughly the corner to the phibìc is where the chest need to be.DZ Chest 3 -Around the corner from DZ Bravo Checkpoint - it"s the closest one on our map to the checkpoint - go under the very first pathway come the left, and also look left past the army vehicle to discover stairs. In ~ the top of the stairs is the chest.DZ Chest 4 -From DZ east - Charlie Checkpoint, head a tiny northeast and also head inside the building. You"ll know you"re in the right building if over there is a scissor lift alongside where the floor slopes. The chest have to be around that area.DZ Chest 5 -Leading on from the place of DZ Chest 4, Head down the key road as if you to be coming native Charlie Checkpoint and heading east. Eventually you"ll come throughout a chest beside two park benches.DZ Chest 6 - Entering indigenous DZ Echo Checkpoint, head slightly south and also to the west until you uncover a structure that is triangular. Head underground as soon as you have the right to to find a room with numerous PCs. The chest is in the corner of this room.


Changes come the Dark ar in The division 2

Finally, before we go, right here are some transforms for the Dark zone in The department 2, because that those returning from The department 1.

Stats for every players room normalised, meaning you"re no going come outlast someone just because of your stats. This doesn"t apply in populated Dark area however, which are in the endgame.You can"t accidentally go rogue anymore, definition that you have to be deliberately shooting at football player or performing rogue-actions because that it come trigger.There are brand-new rogue action - such as stealing drops, which can increase her rogue status.There space three tiers the Rogue:Rogue - This is for performing rogue-ish tasks that aren"t lethal to other players.Disavowed Rogue - This is for killing various other players.Manhunt - This is because that killing numerous players and also just normally being a bit of a nuisance.Each tier the Rogue will award football player that kill you with better items and also increases the timer they need to kill you.If girlfriend survive, you get to store the items that would have actually been forgive to other players because that killing you.You can additionally hack tools to get into the Thieves" Den. Start it and also hacking the terminal erases her rogue status.Each map has actually three Thieves" Dens, every of which has actually a possibility to save on computer a vendor.When you find a vendor, you have the right to trade Dark ar items choose morphine or MREs for special items.Raising your Dark region level will spawn a Dark Zone booty bag in the den.This is a "PVEVP" mode, so AI managed enemies will additionally be in the area. They"re a little smarter than constant enemies, yet aren"t together bullet-spongy.

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That"s it because that the Dark area in The department 2 therefore far, but we will be to update this guide with much more information ~ above the other two maps in the days to come. For acquiring the most out of The division 2 in terms of performance, which can be beneficial in a unique setting such together the Dark Zones, head come ourThe division 2 computer performance guide.