The English dub for The loss of Nagato Yuki-chan premieres tomorrow and also after wild speculation, Craigslist ads, and also role-stealing sharks, we’re ultimately announcing the cast! Our friends in ~ Okratron 5000 are taking care of the English dub, which attributes the following:


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Michelle Ruff
KYON…..Crispin Freeman
ASAKURA…..Bridget Hoffman
HARUHI…..Wendee Lee
MIKURU…..Stephanie Sheh
TSURUYA…..Kari Wahlgren
 ADR Director…..Christopher R. Sabat 
 Lead Writer…..

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Bonny Clinkenbeard

Catch the very first English transfer Dub illustration of The disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Friday 29th
1:10pm CT ~ above!

UPDATE: note from Justin chef —

Hello anyone in Anime Land!

I just wanted to swoop in and say the I’m at sight excited around all the talk and buzz walking on around the broadcast dub because that theDisappearance that Nagato Yuki-chan. I have the right to say the we’re very excited as well. As soon as the word began to spread about the possibility of gift able to dub this exorbitant spin-off of the series, The disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, ns knew that over all else we’d want to maintain the initial voice cast, and also anyone rather of the original production team the we can recruit. The trouble was I required someone to help run the project, and I believed to myself “self, that is someone that can obtain things done? that is someone that is just as obsessed through trying come ‘build the much better dub’ we are right here at” The answer concerned me nearly immediately… Christopher R. Sabat can help, Christopher R. Sabat can constantly help. And help he did. Not just did he control to certain the whole (so far) original cast, however he additionally reached the end to the talented Alex Von David. In ~ the end of the day, we weren’t able to work out a schedule that functioned for securing him for voice directing the entire series, yet he’s i agree to aid out together his schedule allows. So, now our guy on the ground in LA is Todd Haberkorn, which we’re also very excited about! Anyway, I’m telling you every one of this since usually when we make our cast announcements we connect a voice director, and since at the time of the cast announcement we were a little unsure around who was going to be the full time voice director, we went with Chris’ name as we knew he would be attached all the means to the 16th episode. To make this a an extremely high maintain announcement, the reality is that Todd Haberkorn is right now voice directing the collection with Christopher R. Sabat producing, however to be fair, Todd might not be able to maintain the schedule and also may have to duck out to allow Alex or among the various other talented voice directors the Sabat has available to him. But what I have the right to guarantee is the Chris, and the well folks here at, will certainly be help to store things consistent and also ensure that the dub sounds favor one cohesive project, so that if Todd must jump the end for a small bit, you, the fans, won’t understand the difference. At the very least that’s our goal!