I"ve trained a linear Regression design with R caret. I"m now trying to generate a man matrix and keep getting the adhering to error:

Error in confusionMatrix.default(pred, testing$Final): the data and reference components must have actually the same number of levels







confusionMatrix(predictionsTree, testdata$catgeory)




The error occurs as soon as generating the confusion matrix. The levels are the same on both objects. Ns can’t figure out what the difficulty is. Their structure and also levels are offered below. They need to be the same. Any help would be substantially appreciated as its do me cracked!!

> strpred)

chr<1:148> " 85"" 84"" 87"" 65" "88" "84" "82" "84" "65" "78" "78" "88" "85""86" "77" ...

You are watching: The data must contain some levels that overlap the reference.

> str(testing$Final)

int <1:148> 88 85 86 70 85 85 79 85 62 77 ...

> levels(pred)


> levels(testing$Final)


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1 Answer

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answeredJun 25, 2019by vinita(108k points)editedSep 18, 2019by vinita

Whenever you try to construct a man matrix, make sure that both the true values and the forecast values space of “factor” data-type.

Here both pred and also testing$Final have to be of datatype factor. Right here testing$Final is of form int, convert it to factor and then develop the man matrix.

confusionMatrix(factor(pred, levels=1:490), factor(testing$final, levels=1:490))

We have to keep in mind the both levels need to be the same.

table(factor(pred, levels=min(test):max(test)), factor(test, levels=min(test):max(test)))// table is name the man matrix

It should provide you exactly the very same confusion matrix similar to the function.

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