M.Sc StudentHendel TalSubjectA solution to the stereo Correspondence trouble UsingConstraints applied by physics Surfacesand the Gradient Disparity LimitDepartmentDepartment the Biomedical EngineeringSupervisor combine PROF. Moshe GurFull Thesis text

It has actually long been realized the the very first stage in theattainment of stereoscopic depth is the facility of correspondence betweenmatching attributes in the 2 retinal images. The brain seems to settle thiscorrespondence difficulty (or matching problem) easily, best demonstrated through thevivid feeling of stereoscopic depth the we gain from random-dot stereograms, butefforts come understand how the brain achieves this feat have displayed the problemto be how amazing difficult. This work-related offers a equipment to the stereocorrespondence difficulty that is accurate, robust and biologically feasible.

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Firstly, the issuggested that prior to the matching process itself a preceding stage chandelier totake place. This preceding step, which is called de-convergence, serves tocancel the impacts of vergence and also version on the two retinal projections. Itis presented that if the retinal pictures go with a de-convergence process,vertical disparities are got rid of from castle thus enabling the search forcorresponding points come be carried out only follow me horizontal lines. A verydesirable result of the de-convergence process is that the regulations of visualdirection arise as a herbal corollary that the should fuse correspondingpoints.

Secondly, adetailed evaluation of the constraints implemented on the \"behavior\" ofpoints in the retinal projections is carry out assuming that points tend to lieon constant smooth surfaces, quite than be randomly positioned in space. Theoutcome of this analysis is the idea that in bespeak to uncover its correspondingpoint, every suggest has to define its own Signature, i m sorry is adescription that the point\"s community in number of levels that preciseness, andthen look for the point in the various other retinal estimate with the most similarSignature. This Signature idea is then arisen into one algorithm. Animplementation that the algorithm is tested on miscellaneous textured surface withexcellent results. That is further presented that algorithm integrates the tworivaling notions that binocular fusion- Panum\"s fusional areas and also the disparitygradient limit.

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Moreover, the recognition of monocular points is incorporatednaturally right into the algorithm there is no the necessity to include a special phase forthis purpose, a requirement that shows up in some formerly suggestedcorrespondence algorithms. Lastly, that is suggested that the new algorithm isconsistent v psychophysical and biological observations.