loved it! DInner and also a show.... Food to be magnificent and also the environment was perfect because that our group of 4. Will certainly most certainly return. Lug your sense of humor.

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such a funny night. This to be our second time and still had actually a an excellent time. Loved the stories and laughs. The food to be phenomenal!
We had actually a good time! we love the food, ns love the means he all set them I have actually never eaten some of the food that he make before. Which the made it yes, really fun.
His stories and also dishes are always an extremely inspiring! i recommend him and his classes very highly! Both my husband and also I constantly look front to his classes. We LOVE his food!
chief Mike was fairly entertaining & very impressive v his cooking skills. His ability to multitask & literally have several pots on range going full blast without burning or over food preparation a point speaks volumes of his talent.Not only is that a skilled chef, Mike also has a hilarious 'adult' sense of humor that would certainly make the a sought ~ star because that his very own Netflix cooking show. Walk for the Chef!

Chef Michael Kanter earn his chops in ~ Le Bec Fin for six years under chief Georges Perrier, working his way up from an unpaid apprentice come sous chef in ~ the renowned French restaurant. His resume likewise includes The Philadelphia 4 Seasons, Susanna Foo, Restaurant Daniel (NYC), The Blue Angel, Dilworthtown Inn, Alma de Cuba, and Morimoto.​

With year of experienced culinary and restaurant experience, chief Kanter share his understanding through educational cooking classes. Each class focuses top top his enthusiasm for genuine ingredients, sourcing locally, and culinary traditions. Students also learn exactly how to plan and also organize meals when receiving the chef"s insights and also opinions around food.

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