Another technique for laying out and also forming a 90 degree bend through a hand bender, the opposite the push through method, is dubbed what? once using this an approach the take-up for the bending shoes is no much longer a consideration. Laboratory 1-4

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The arrow an approach is understand as the ________ technique and the reverse method is well-known as the ______ technique when creating earlier to back 90"s. Rap 1-1
When perfect a 3 bend ago to earlier with a hand bender the very first two bends space done encountering which direction and also which mark on the shoe? The third and last bend is made likewise how? rap 1-14
The an initial two challenge the very same direction with the arrow as her mark and the 3rd and last encounters the opposite direction with the star mark.
The distance between bends in a 3 bending saddle is established by what formula?NJATC, Conduit Bending and also Fabrication 2007, PP 63
D= MxOwhere M = multiplierO = balance out rise

The three bends in a 3 bend saddle use what clues on the shoe of a hand bender using the standard method? NJATC, Conduit Bending and also Fabrication 2007, PP 63What must added to the measured distance to the facility of the obstruction?The facility bend is exactly how much greater in levels than the external bends?
First offers the arrowSecond supplies the rimnotch or tear autumn representing the center of a 45 level bend.3rd provides the arrow
The shrink for the degree. S=CxOdouble
The reduction in street that a conduit can run per inch of counter elevation defines what term? NJATC, Conduit Bending and Fabrication 2007, PP 41The formula because that shrink is what?
Shrink constantS = C x OWhere S = shrinkC = shrink continuous in inches per inch of offsetO = counter rise, in inches
There might be time in explosion proof work-related when bends might need come be exact up come what? NJATC, Conduit Bending and also Fabrication 2007, PP 36
When calculating the distance in between bends, at a known angle, the formula provided is what? NJATC, Conduit Bending and Fabrication 2007, PP 34


Multiplier methodthe counter rise, bending agle, distance between bends.

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