(5169) prior to shutdown, while in ~ idle, the ignition an essential is momentarily turn OFF. The engine proceeds to run with no interruption; thisa. Need to not normally happen. Suggests a magneto no grounding in off position. B. Is an undesirable practice, yet indicates that nothing is wrong. C. Is normal because the engine is usually quit by relocating the mixture come idle cut-off.

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(5185.1) Detonation may take place at high-power setups whena. An excessively wealthy fuel mixture reasons an explosive acquire in power. B. The fuel mixture ignites instantaneously instead of burning progressively and evenly. C. The fuel mixture is ignited too early by hot carbon deposits in the cylinder.
(5175) For internal cooling, reciprocating aircraft engines are specifically dependent ona. The circulation the lubricating oil. B. A effectively functioning cowl flap augmenter. C. The ideal freon/compressor output ratio.
(5668) because that takeoff, the blade edge of a controllable-pitch propeller should be collection at aa. Small angle of attack and also high RPM. B. Big angle the attack and also high RPM. C. Big angle that attack and also low RPM.
(5298) The best power mixture is the fuel/air ratio at whicha. Cylinder head temperatures room the coolest. B. A given power can be acquired with the highest possible manifold pressure or throttle setting. C. The most power deserve to be obtained for any type of given throttle setting.
(5654) To create a rise after takeoff in an plane equipped v a constant-speed propeller, the output of the engine is decreased to climb power by decreasing manifold press anda. Decreasing RPM by raising propeller tongue angle. B. Diminish RPM by decreasing propeller blade angle. C. Enhancing RPM by diminish propeller tongue angle.
(5188) The mixture control can it is in adjusted, whicha. Stays clear of the fuel/air mix from coming to be too rich at greater altitudes.b. Regulates the quantity of air circulation through the carburetor"s venturi. C. Prevents the fuel/air mix from becoming lean as the aircraft climbs.
(5184) In plane equipped with constant-speed propellers and normally-aspirated engines, which procedure must be provided to protect against placing undue stress on the engine components? as soon as power is beinga. Increased, boost the RPM prior to increasing the manifold pressure. B. Raised or decreased, the RPM must be adjusted before the manifold pressure. C. Decreased, alleviate the RPM prior to reducing the manifold pressure.
(5174) If the ground wire between the magneto and also the ignition switch becomes disconnected, the enginea. Could accidentally begin if the propeller is moved with fuel in the cylinder. B. Can not be began with the move in the BOTH position. C. Will not operate on one magneto.
(5237) The reason for sport in geometric key (twisting) along a propeller tongue is that ita. Patent a relatively consistent angle of assault along its size when in cruising flight. B. Patent a relatively constant angle the incidence along its size when in seafaring flight. C. Stays clear of the part of the blade near the hub indigenous stalling throughout cruising flight.
(5607) an abnormally high engine oil temperature indication might be led to bya. Operating v an excessively rich mixture. B. The oil level being too low. C. A defective bearing.
(5190) Detonation wake up in a reciprocating aircraft engine whena. The spark plugs receive an electric jolt resulted in by a brief in the wiring. B. The unburned fuel/air fee in the cylinders is subjected to instantaneous combustion. C. There is an explosive boost of fuel led to by also rich a fuel/air mixture.
(5173) The most probable factor an engine proceeds to operation after the ignition switch has been turned off isa. A broken magneto floor wire. B. Carbon deposits glowing on the spark plugs. C. A magneto ground cable is in contact with the engine casing.
(5186) The uncontrolled firing of the fuel/air charge in breakthrough of regular spark ignition is known asa. Pre-ignition. B. Detonation. C. Instantaneous combustion.

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(5236) A fixed-pitch propeller is draft for best efficiency just at a given mix ofa. Airspeed and also altitude. B. Airspeed and also RPM. C. Altitude and also RPM.