American Psychology combination (APA)
One that the two generally used style guides because that formatting research study papers.

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BibliographyA perform of cited functions in a report or research file also described as functions Cited, Sources, or References, depending on the report style.
CitationA note inserted into the text of a research paper that ad the reader to a resource in the bibliography.
Column rest IndicatorA dotted heat containing the words obelisk Break that displays at the bottom that the column.
Data SourceA list of variable information, such together names and addresses, that is an unified with a main file to develop customized kind letters or labels.
EndnoteIn a research paper, a note put at the end of a record or chapter.
FieldsIn a mail merge, the column headings in the data source.
FootnoteIn a research study paper, a note put at the bottom of the page.
Hanging IndentAn indent style in i beg your pardon the first line of a i extends to the left that the remaining lines, and that is commonly used for bibliographic entries.
Line break IndicatorA little nonprinting bent arrow that screens where a hand-operated line break inserted.
Mail MergeA Microsoft Word feature that joins a main paper and a data resource to develop customized letter or labels.
Main DocumentIn a mail merge, the record that includes the text or formatting that stays constant.
Manual tower BreakAn synthetic end come a tower to balance columns or to provide space for the insertion of other objects.
Manual heat BreakThe action of ending a line, before the normal finish of the line, without developing a brand-new paragraph.
Maunual web page BreakThe activity of forcing a web page to end and placing subsequent text in ~ the optimal of the next page.
Modern Language combination (MLA)One of two generally used layout guides because that formatting research study papers.
NameplateThe banner on the front page of a newsletter the identifies the publication; additionally referred to together a banner, flag, or masthead.
NoteIn a research paper, information that expands on the topic, but that does no fit will in the record text.
Page rest IndicatorA dotted line through the text page Break that shows where a hands-on break was inserted.
Parenthetical ReferenceIn the MLA style, a citation that refers to items top top teh Works, quote page, and also which is inserted in parentheses; the citation contains the last name of the author or authors, and also the web page number in the referenced rource.
RecordAll of the category of data pertaining to one person, place, thing, event, or idea, and which is formatted together a heat in a database table.
ScreenshotAn image of an active window on your computer system that you have the right to paste into a document.
SectionA part of a record that have the right to be formatted in different way from the remainder of the document.
Section Breaka dual dotted line that shows the finish of one section and the beginning of one more section.
Small CapsA font effect, usually used in titles, that alters lowercase text into capital letters using a diminished font size.
StyleA team of formatting commands, such together font, font size, font color, i alignment, and line spacing that deserve to be applied to a paragraph v one command.
Style GuideA hands-on that consists of standards because that the design and writing the documents.
Works CitedIn the MLA style, a list of cited works inserted at the end of a research paper or report.
BrightnessThe family member lightness that a picture.
ContrastThe difference in between the darkest and lightest area that a picture.
CropA command that removes unwanted or unnecessary locations of a picture.
Crop handlesHandles supplied to specify unwanted locations of a picture.
Crop pointerThe pointer offered to crop locations of a picture.
Em dashA punctuation symbol offered to suggest an explanation or emphasis.
FlipA command that creates a reverse picture of a snapshot or object.
NewsletterA periodical the communicates news and also information come a details group.
Office 365 AdministratorThe human being who creates and also manages the account, adds new users, sets up the services your organization wants come use, sets permission levels, and manages the SharePoint team sites.
PDF ReflowThe ability to import PDF records into indigenous so the you can transform a PDF ago into a completely editable native document.
Read ModeA view in Word that optimizes the Word display screen for the times as soon as you are reading Word files on the screen and not creating or editing and enhancing them.
RecolorA function that permits you to readjust all colors in the snapshot to shades of a solitary color.
ScaleA command that resizes a snapshot to a percentage of its size.
SuppressA Word feature that hides header and also footer information, consisting of the web page number, top top the an initial page that a document.

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Windows leader appA windows Store application with i beg your pardon you can open a PDF or XPS file, zoom, find words or phrases, take notes, save changes, and then print or re-superstructure the file.