If friend were looking for The Bachelor spoilers on ABC"s pre-season special, you were likely disappointed, however the network did success in hyping increase the brand-new season critical night.

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Nick Viall is the new bachelor and there"s going to it is in a whole lot that drama during his season that the abc hit.

The dude is on to his fourth attempt at finding love on national TV, and not everyone is happy around his presence. 


We kicked things off with a montage of the three women native the franchise Nick had actually fallen because that over the years. Together you probably understand if you clock The Bachelorette online, every one of his former relationships never ever quite stand the check of time. 

Things got pretty tense once the producers believed it was a good idea come send Nick come a booth in which pan lined up to give him a piece of your mind. Nick"s spreading was met with a polarizing reception from fans of the show. 

Most the the reaction stemmed native the means Nick had acted in previous seasons. There was very little positive reception and also that will probably worry the producers of the series. Might this it is in the year the collection craters in the ratings?

Time will tell. 


If you thought that couples indigenous the Bachelor franchise never ever really was standing the test of time, climate the producers absolutely went all-out come prove that there to be some effective pairings indigenous the display out there. 

Ashley and J.P Rosenbaum were first up and also they were rapid to suggest out the their life was great. In spite of what some might think, over there are few of these couples that room not only together for the cameras. 


Desiree and also Chris Siegfried are brand-new parents and are loving every minute that it. Having youngsters is a substantial step for any relationship, therefore they need to be yes, really in it because that the long haul. 

As you probably know if you clock Ben and also Lauren online, the pair room still happily together, yet they have yet to be married, with Ben worrying the they were both in the partnership for the appropriate reasons. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth room busy to plan a wedding in Nashville and revealed the they are really prepared to begin thinking about beginning a family. 


Finally, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass space loving the new dynamics in their relationship. Carly revealed the she is very much enjoying playing step mommy to Evan"s children. 

It"s pretty an excellent when friend think that all of these couples became a thing because of the show, will certainly Nick"s fourth and probably final attempt it is in the one that finds that a companion for life?


The illustration concluded v scenes from the season ahead and it certain looks prefer viewers in because that a treat. The many notable scene associated Nick crying, speculating even if it is his engagement was going to pertained to fruition. 

Okay, ABC, we"re intrigued! 

What did girlfriend think that the special?

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The Bachelor Quotes

There’s tho a many of cultivation to perform in ours relationship. We will not tie the knot till I am mentally and also physically prepared and also Matt.

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Shayne Lamas Added: might 13, 2008

It to be a fairy tales proposal prefer I’ve constantly dreamed about. Ns forgot the there cameras around. In that moment, the was just Matt and I and it was the many amazing minute of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas Added: might 13, 2008
The Bachelor one-of-a-kind Recap: that HATES Nick Viall?

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