Co-creator Elise Doganieri talks to about whether over there is a ”home court advantage“ v the complete line in L.A., and what island the eliminated contestants continued to be on

The last task the the season (CBS) two of the 3 teams contending in the final leg are from L.A. Perform they have actually a “home court” advantage in the finale city?Elise Doganieri: when teams find out where the last city is, lock do comment on a “home court” benefit if one team is native there. However, “Race” background has presented that you’re simply as likely to shed in your house city as win. Many famously in Season 1, a team native NYC felt very confident throughout the last leg because they lived there, however they finished up shedding in the end.

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Dancers Dana and also Matt had all smooth cruising throughout the finale (CBS)

What to be the defining moment of the season? The French Alps, camel gyeongju in Dubai, beach dragon flying in Bali? Or Tyler Oakely’s one liner leading into the main titles every week?The defining moment for me was Chamonix (France) once I really observed teams action up to facing some of your fears and also enjoy the shear winter wonderland flying end the French Alps. Bertram and also I are reminded every season the the world is a beautiful place and also so are the people in it.

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Can friend walk us with what happens after the finish line check in? at some allude after girlfriend have sufficient shots the celebrations and also hugging, do you simply stop filming and also put under the cameras?After teams cross the end up line, we do a couple of fun team photos and also then we meet with each of the optimal three groups for their last interview, i beg your pardon is followed by everyone acquiring together for a pave party.

It’s a funny night whereby everyone can finally relax and celebrate what they have accomplished. The best part is teams don’t should worry about what flights they need to catch the next day or wonder what country they space in when they wake up. And for this season especially, groups were very happy to get their phones ago and reconnect v all your social media fans!

View from the finish line in a former season (Screengrab via CBS)

Where were the eliminated contestants sequestered this season? because that those eliminated early, just how did you keep them turn off social media because that weeks?Eliminated contestants to be sequestered in Bali, which is no a bad place to be sent. While they were there they certainly got to reap some local fun through having countless outings and also spend time with other contestants talking about the Race.

I can relate to how difficult it was for the got rid of contestants to it is in disconnected from social media as many of your fans are most likely like family, i beg your pardon is what I have actually the hardest time being far from while i am traveling.

I think part contestants might have delighted in the first pair of days being disconnected. I don’t think any of them would admit that. After ~ a few days, I understand it was not basic for them. Specifically with all the amazing places they go to and the difficulties they did, I’m certain they would have actually liked to tweet or send a Vine or YouTube video of all their experiences ~ above the road.

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Speak straight to our audience: What’s your blog post for Emmy voters?My article to every Emmy voters is this: “Amazing Race” is so plenty of dreams come true in one display for our contestants and viewers. It’s travel, it’s adventure, it’s a race, it’s drama and also comedy in every episode.

But at its core, the is a show developed by a completely committed team of producers and crew who work-related tirelessly around the civilization faced with challenges to make the show. We have actually our very own “Amazing Race” behind the scenes to make sure every little thing is in place when the contestants arrive in every city. Traveling around 25,000 miles about the globe, filming on various continents to shoot 12 episodes in 21 work is a tremble and difficult adventure that us love to perform season ~ season.

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We spoke v your fellow producer Jerry Bruckheimer previously this week. The told us that you guys constantly have more an excellent ideas up her sleeve. Deserve to you job on the future the the “Race”? What carry out you need to do in the next season shooting this summer come make certain this i do not care a many season pickup?Jerry Bruckheimer is right, us do have more an excellent ideas increase our sleeve. Hmmm, what can I speak … to be moral I need to keep it all under wraps yet I will tell you, we have a an excellent cast lined up, exciting brand-new places and challenges, and also a new twist favor you have actually never seen before.