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it all began with freshman guard Kyler Edwards sending a connect for a country-hip-hop hybrid track to his teammate Parker Hicks. “I observed it top top Twitter and also I sent out it come Parker , and then he sent out it to abdominal muscle and then it simply started going around, play it in the locker room, having actually fun with it.”

Lil Nas X exit the track ‘Old town Road’ independently in December 2018, but it was picked increase by Columbia documents in so late March of this year after ending up being increasingly famous via Tik Tok and also the “Yeehaw Challenge”. This past week, Lil Nas X collaborated with long time country music stalwart Billy beam Cyrus ~ above a remix.

Now, it’s a unifying anthem because that the Red Raiders’ locker room.

“It’s a mixture that country and rap,” Edwards stated of the unbelievably catchy tune. “A lot of people on this team favor country, a lot of world like lab so it’s simply a mixture the both.”

It wasn’t well received right out of the gate, according to Hicks. “Once the proved it come me, I sort of take it charge and started play it in the locker room, and also everybody at an initial was like, ‘Turn this crap off! revolve it off, nobody wants to hear it.’ I simply kept on play it.”

Hicks, a self-proclaimed “country boy”, likes both that the genres and also said they started playing the song around a month earlier before it acquired picked increase by fans critical weekend. After beating Gonzaga in the upstream Eight to knife Texas Tech’s first Final 4 berth for the men’s squad, the team — consisting of head coach chris Beard — commemorated vociferously as the tune blared transparent the locker room.

Had to carry out it come ‘em again because that the #FinalFour! #4To1 | #MarchMadness #WreckEm⚫️

— Texas technology Basketball (
TexasTechMBB) march 31, 2019

In fact, mustache is a huge proponent that the tune and was among the driving determinants in it catching on. “Yeah, we worth diversity in our regime with music. We’ve got nation guys, lab guys, hip-hop guys, we’ve acquired all sorts so I shot to respect everything,” moustache said. “I have really gained us right into a many of brand-new songs this year. “Down Below” is my favorite appropriate now.”

Beard quit mid-answer come yell end to the players sit a couple feet away. “Hey!” the shouted. “Who sings ‘Down Below’?”

A pair players looked up, and one of lock yelled, “Roddy Ricch.”

Happy with that answer, mustache pressed on, “But “Old city Road” — the very first time us heard the — we thought it to be a country song, so half our locker room to be fired up,” mustache continued. “Then, once it rips right into hip-hop, the rest of united state were like, ‘this is perfect, man.’”

After the fans recorded wind the the solemn event anthem, Lubbock was all in. In ~ Saturday night’s last Four game, the song blared over the PA device in U.S. Financial institution Stadium and the big and rowdy TTU contingent go wild:

“I’m gonna journey til i can’t no more”
TexasTechMBB students space hype

— NCAA march Madness (
marchmadness) April 7, 2019

“I think the performer,” moustache started before asking the men once much more for the artist. After ~ a chorus that voices responds through “Lil Nas!”, he choose up again. “I think Lil Nas needs to come to Lubbock. We gotta be help this male a tiny bit, so. He actually sent a video clip to our team ... Wishing us an excellent luck in the last Four, for this reason hopefully us can obtain him down to Lubbock.”

Our corner is strong. Thank you,
LilNasX!ᶦ ᵍᵒᵗ ᵗʰᵉ ʰᵒʳˢᵉˢ ᶦⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ⠀ #4To1 | #WreckEm⚫️

— Texas technology Basketball (

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TexasTechMBB) April 6, 2019

Maybe that old town road leads to Lubbock. It’s your move, Lil Nas X.

Texas tech will square off with Virginia at 9:20 p.m. ET Monday together the Red Raiders look to bring home their first NCAA men’s basketball title.