The 19-year-old girl"s father have asked for assist with Haley, that her mother has actually branded a “urbanbreathnyc.commpulsive liar”

A teenager, that believes she is nine months pregnant through Jesus, has been telling human being that Eminem is her father.

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Haley, 19, showed up on The Dr Phil Show and told the organize that she was sure that Eminem was her father after accused identifying the from one old snapshot of her as a baby.

The Memphis-born teen's mother Kristi begged Dr Phil for help with she daughter, that she branded a “urbanbreathnyc.commpulsive liar”.

Dr Phil request Haley: “Did girlfriend tell world that Eminem is her father?”

“Yes, i did, actually,” Haley replied

“Is he her father?” Dr. Phil urbanbreathnyc.comntinued.

“I am not sure. Mine mum has actually pictures that a guy that looks as with Eminem, and also I’m sit on his lap,” she explained.

Haley uncovered a photo which made her think Eminem is her dad (
Dr Phil)
Dr Phil inquiry Haley number of times around why she thought the rapper was she father (
Dr Phil)

“That wasn't Eminem, that was a family members member,” she sister told the show, as Haley's mommy Kristi refuse the possibility.

“She knows that her dad is,” Kristi interjected.

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Haley revealed the she had tried to urbanbreathnyc.comntact the i know well hop star v her Instagram page, and also had tried to uncover a urbanbreathnyc.comntact number because that him.

She admitted the she want a DNA test.

Dr Phil - Teen says She trust Rapper Eminem Is her Father (
Dr Phil)
Eminem already has a daughter referred to as Hailie (
Dr Phil)
Kristi was shocked she daughter made the story increase (
Dr Phil)

“It's my infant picture,” Haley claimed when talking of a snapshot on Eminem's Instagram page. But the photo was the Enimen's actual daughter Hailie, that he created Hailie's tune about.

“That's no you, that's his daughter. That's a different human being,” Dr Phil explained. “Well he might have one more daughter that doesn't recognize about.”

“Well actually it's no this guy, in fact it look at nothing choose this man at all,” Dr Phil stated.

"I am pregnant and also it is Jesus," teen claims however even her own church doesn't believe her

Haley said the present that she is ripe months pregnant with Jesus and also is about to offer birth. She claimed that she has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

But, her family members don't think her around her diagnosis or the pregnancy as she's had actually SIX check return negative.

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