Teen mommy 2 Season 6 episode 11 took viewers behind the scenes of Jenelle encountering felony charges, Leah finishing her marriage, and also Jo walk MIA.

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You know just how it is. Typical week because that MTV\"s fab four!


You knew Teen mother 2 Season 6 episode 11 to be gonna acquire berzerk when Jenelle Evans revealed she was hooking up through Nathan Griffith again.

But ... Her (ex?) fiance was also seeing some other girl.

Confronting him in ~ the gym, she snarled: “You’re going come sleep through me and cuddle v me critical night, having actually your boner up against my back!”

“You have no filter,” Nathan replied. New here, bruh?

As the general public war of words continued, the went for the short blow: “You’re trailer trash. You’re no special. Why would I have actually anything to perform with you?”

Damn, that\"s cold. However oh man, would certainly s--t get heated.

When Nathan brought his brand-new girl over to choose up Kaiser, more words (and quite probably blows) to be exchanged, and Evans to be arrested. Again.

“You don’t have to have a guy to be complete,” claimed her lawyer, echoing anyone that yells at the iPad once they clock Teen mother 2 online.

“That’s what ns need,” Jenelle agreed. “To heal myself.\"

\"Finally as soon as I’m around to heal, he pops up in mine life.”

“You’re acquiring played, you know that right?” Amy Lawrence, sage lawyer to the reality star, asked prior to Evans racked increase her latest mug shot ...


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In the life that Chelsea Houska, things room not nearly as out of control. Her biggest situation is whether to permit Aubree call her brand-new boyfriend Cole \"dad.\"

Actually, Cole\"s baby talk voice is sort of a crisis, yet the Housk seems to be right into him, and also he\"s 100 times much better than Adam. Speak of whom ...

Aubree was not able to spend Father’s Day through her genuine dad, who chose to head the end of town and leave her through his parents. Dad of the Year!

“I wish my dad was going to act choose ,” Aubree said later, and also no words could cut deeper than that, even if it is you\"re a fan of this show or not.

Down, but not out, in Delaware, Kailyn Lowry gained a task with her school’s broadcast news channel, however news top top the residence front was much less smooth.

Jo Rivera obtained the time that Isaac’s soccer game wrong, lacking the totality thing; Jo additionally missed Isaac’s preschool graduation event. WTF.

“Jo come down here saying he wanted to be closer to Isaac, and wanted to be component of Isaac’s day-to-day life,” Kailyn lamented to the cameras.

“He forgot to carry Isaac come Isaac’s game, therefore he missed his totality soccer game, and now he missed his boy preschool graduation.”

“Take his ass come court,” Javi declared. Dun dun dun.


Leah Messer, meanwhile, was in rehab on this week\"s episode, while Corey Simms and wife Miranda revealed they room expecting! OMG!

As for the two children he at this time has, Corey inquiry Leah\"s various other ex, Jeremy Calvert, to meet up the day before they finalized your divorce.

“I feel prefer my old self again. Ns was miserable,” Jeremy said. “She went from being regular to a finish 180 ... Prescription pill problem.”

“This drug issue that everybody to know she has is swept under the carpet,” Corey said in agreement. “We’re the fathers of her children.\"

\"If it was us, we would never ever see our kids again.”

While Corey Simms and also Jeremy Calvert shared plenty of jabs in ~ Leah\"s expense, the latter additionally admitted what was fueling his divorce and stress.

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“My biggest fear is she’s going to keep getting away v s--t until one of these nights, me and you are gonna gain this f--ked increase phone call.\"

As because that Leah, she told her family, \"I stayed since I didn’t desire the embarrassment of another divorce. Yet you recognize what, ns letting it go.”

Her mother, Dawn Spears stated she can hear an advancement in she voice, and also one can only expect this is a optimistic trend that continues.