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Oh yeah, yeah, yeahNow if there's a laugh on mine faceIt's only there tryin’ come fool the publicBut once it comes under to foolin’ youNow, honey, that's quite a various subjectBut don't allow my happy expressionGive you the dorn impressionReally I'm sad(Sad, sad, sad, sad)Oh, sadder 보다 sad(I'm hurt for this reason bad)You're gone, and I'm hurtin' therefore bad(I pretend to it is in glad)Like a clown, ns pretend to it is in glad(Sad, sad, sad, sad)Now there's some sad things recognized to manBut ain't too lot sadder thanThe tears of a clownWhen there's nobody aroundMmm-hmm, five yeah, baby
Now if I show up to it is in carefreeIt's just to camouflage my sadnessIn order come shield mine pride, i’ve triedTo covering this hurt through a display of gladnessBut don't let my display convince youThat I've to be happy due to the fact that youDecided come go(Why did friend go?)Oh, I require you so(I need you so)I'm hurt and I desire you to know(Want you come know)But for others I put on a show(It's just a show) Ooh-ohThere's some sad things known to manBut ain't too much sadder thanThe tears the a clownWhen there's nobody aroundOh yeahJust prefer Pagliacci walk (The great pretender)I try to store my sadness hidSmiling in the public eye (The great pretender)But in mine lonely room, i cry
The tears of a clownWhen there's nobody aroundOh yeah, babyNow if there's a smile on my challenge (Tears the clown)Don't permit my happy expression (Tears of a clown)Give girlfriend the dorn impressionDon't permit this smile I wear (Tears the a clown)Make girlfriend think that i don't careWhen yes, really I'm sadHurtin’ so poor (Tears of a clown)Cryin’ all the time...

The Tears of a Clown by Marc Cohn (Ft. Kristina Train), The Tears the A Clown by Boyzone, The Tears the a Clown by The Flying Pickets & Tears the A Clown by Even In Blackouts

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