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Range of feesStarting in ~ $500
Min. Taxes Debt Required$10,000
Average FeeN/A

Tax Defense partners Review

Tax Defense partners is a tax relief firm based in Encino, CA. The company was established in 2013 and also offers tax relief services to individuals and also businesses in 50 claims (and Washington, DC).

No tax attorneys, enrolled agents, or CPAs top top staff. Only specific tax specialists — Enrolled Agents (federally-authorized taxation practitioners who deserve to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels the the IRS), Certified publicly Accountants (CPAs), and also attorneys — have actually the authority to represent you come the IRS. They require third-party solutions to represent clients prior to the IRS. Minimum taxation debt that $10,000. tax Defense Partners only considers taxpayers v at the very least $10,000 in taxes debt, i m sorry is typical among tax relief firms. Fees starting at $500. Fees for taxes Defense Partners begin at $500 and also go increase from there. Upfront retainer required. tax Defense Partners calls for a retainer dues to begin working on her case. State taxes relief. also provides taxes relief services for state tax debt.
Tax Defense Partners pros & Cons
advantages Cons
fees a retainer. Is no transparent about its typical fees. Does not market flexible payments. Walk not sell a money ago guarantee.

Tax Defense partner FAQ

How lot does taxation Defense Partners fee for its taxation relief services?

Fees vary depending on the size and complexity of every case. However, you deserve to expect the price of taxation Defense Partners solutions to start at $500.

Does tax Defense Partners market flexible payments?

Tax Defense partner does not sell flexible payments, which may be a problem if you don"t have the save to salary the fees in one go.

Does tax Defense Partners have a money-back guarantee?

No, taxes Defense partners does not offer a money ago guarantee.

Does taxes Defense Partners fee a retainer?

Yes, tax Defense partners charges a retainer for its services.

taxation Defense partners Pricing summary Amount
Flexible Payments? No Money back Guarantee? No Retainer Fee? Yes Range that Fees Starting in ~ $500

What is the minimum taxation debt tax Defense Partners will consider?

Tax Defense Partners will only consider customers v at the very least $10,000 in tax debt. Taxpayers with less than $10,000 in taxation debt may benefit from a debt consolidation loan or credit counseling services.

What kind of tax situations can tax Defense partner handle?

Tax Defense Partners offers assistance to taxpayers for a wide an option of taxation issues. These include:

What type of client does tax Defense partner consider?

Tax Defense Partners transaction with personal AND company tax relief cases. Some tax experts specialize in one or the other.

What type of at this time Not Collectible instances does tax Defense partner consider?

Currently not Collectible (or CNC), method the IRS has identified you don"t have the heritage or the revenue to repay your tax debt. Taxes Defense partners will not consider tax cases that are at this time not collectible.

What form of rate Agreement cases does taxes Defense partners consider?

taxation Defense partner will not generally consider taxpayers who have actually an installment agreements.

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Does tax Defense Partners have the employee to administer in-house services?

Tax Defense partners does no employ taxes professionals, enrolled agents, or CPAs to manage tax issues.

taxation Defense partner does not have tax attorneys or enrolled agents top top staff. However, it does rental Certified publicly Accountants (CPAs).