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Matt Bush-USA TODAY sports
Texas A&M was the most peculiar of the bunch that wound increase in the top 4 that the inaugural university Football Playoff rankings this previous week. Surely, a loss come Mississippi State ~ above Saturday will do them no favors and also we can certainly now intend a slip because that the Aggies ~ dropping one to the lowly Bulldogs 35-28 in Starkville.

The Aggies fell behind beforehand after a blistering run by quarterback Nick Fitzgerald. Native there, A&M would need to dig upwards, fall behind 28-7 in the second quarter. A&M would cut the lead to seven in the fourth quarter after ~ a Christian Kirk touchdown, but Fitzgerald answer again after ~ plowing right into the finish zone, putting the lead approximately 14 v 3 minute to play. A so late touchdown would certainly prove to no be sufficient as the Aggies drop come 7-2 ~ above the year v Mississippi State enhancing to 4-5 in turn.

3 points we learned:

1. Mississippi State can virtually certainly ride with Fitzgerald the remainder of the way: He’s just a sophomore, but Nick Fitzgerald is getting in a groove, and that was just compounded more with his performance versus the Aggies. It’s been difficult in the very first year post-Dak, yet Dan Mullen might in truth have his replacement on the roster.

2. Texas A&M’s run defense remains pretty problematic: Coming right into the game, the Aggies’ operation defense was among the worst in the nation by almost any measure. Your rank in Rushing S&P+ to be 92, so come say the Mississippi State’s ease v running the football was surprising would certainly be an untrue statement. The Aggies will proceed to it is in playing through this weak going forward uneven something substantially shores increase the remainder of the way. The best they deserve to hope because that is that doesn’t fully crush them.

3. The Aggies’ playoff really hopes are nearly entirely dashed: This to be a pretty dreadful loss to take at this suggest int he season, or any suggest for that matter, because that Texas A&M.

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They will nearly surely drop out of the top 4 and possibly the optimal 10 as well, therefore to make it earlier into the playoff or even NY6 contention, lock will need to regain emphasis fast and hoe because that some assist along the way.