Although things might easily readjust with the enhancement of football player who have been reduced by other teams, the Tampa only Buccaneers have actually their final roster after the last 22 cuts were made. The Bucs will wait till Saturday afternoon come officially announce their 2016 roster, however here is the list of who was able to make the team.

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Tampa will save three quarterbacks on the roster again this season. Evident starter Jameis Winston will certainly be donate up through Mike Glennon and Ryan Griffin, that will start the grooming procedure to end up being Winston’s backup in 2017. This season is meant to it is in the last v the Buccaneers for Mike Glennon, due to the fact that that will become an unrestricted cost-free agent after the season.

Tampa just is just going with 3 running backs top top the roster this year and the two major spots will be filled by Doug Martin and also Charles Sims. Acquiring ready to go into his fourth season in the NFL, Mike James was able to outplay rookie Peyton Barber, that will it is in a candidate because that the practice squad if that is not picked increase on waivers by another team.

Due to the injury Wednesday night the both Kenny Bell and Bernard Reedy, Evan Spencer had the ability to make the roster together the Buccaneers fifth receiver. That will sign up with Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson, Adam Humphries, and Russell Shepard as targets for Winston in 2016. Luigi Murphy is right now on the PUP list and will be able to join the Bucs offense in so late October.


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One of the greatest surprises top top the roster this year is the decision to carry five tight ends. Danny Vitale will certainly not be a member that the team that covers Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Alan Cross, Brandon Myers, Luke Stocker, and Cameron Brate.

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The Buccaneers roster will certainly consist that nine offensive linemen in 2016, add to J.R. Sweezy that will start the season top top the PUP list. The starting group will consist that Donovan Smith, Kevin Pamphile, Joe Hawley, Ali Marpet, and also Demar Dotson. The back-up rotation will certainly be comprised by Gosder Cherilus, Evan Smith, along with rookies Leonard Wester and Caleb Benenoch.

The Buccaneers will go into week one of the regular season v ten defensive linemen, three of which room rookies. Young name Spence, Robert Ayers, will certainly Gholston, Howard Jones, Channing Ward, and also Jacquies Smith will all play at defensive end. DaVonte Lambert, Gerald McCoy, Clinton McDonald, and Akeem Spence will make up the defensive tackle rotation.

The Buccaneers have made the decision come only carry five linebackers, which mirrors their intent of play a nickel defense with just two linebackers ~ above the field at a time. Kwon Alexander, Daryl Smith, and also Lavonte David will turn as starters while Adarius Glanton and also Devante Bond will serve as backups. The Bucs are hopeful that Luke Rhodes is not asserted so that is may be to return to the Tampa Bay exercise squad.

Four safeties and also six corners will make up the ten defensive backs ~ above the Buccaneers roster. Vernon Hargreaves, Brent Grimes, Jude Adjei-Barimah, Alterraun Verner, mock Robinson, and Johnthan banks will every play top top the outside. Bradley McDougald, kris Conte, Keith Tandy, and Ryan Smith will certainly fill in the backfield the the secondary.

There aren’t any type of real shockers once it involves the specialist because that the Bucs. Roberto Aguayo will certainly take top top the kicking responsibilities while Bryan anger will manage the punting with long snapper Andrew Depaola.

While this is the final list as of so late Friday night, players could always be added Saturday that have been exit by other teams.

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