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Availability:Limited Locations
The Secret:Verde Sauce: A Perfect Combination of Sweet and also Spicy
Verde Sauce Price:FREE
Verde Sauce - How to Order:Sindicate ask for some "Verde Sauce". It just exists at certain places, however it"s so great that it"s worth asking for.

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*Not all items shown are obtainable or authorized at eextremely restaurant. Price and also participation might differ.

Ordering Taco Bell Verde Sauce is an alternative. You actually have the choice to grab a packet of any type of of their hot sauces, verde sauce is simply among the options. But who kbrand-new that there was a "Verde Sauce", or Environment-friendly Sauce? This is the much less renowned "trick menu" sauce that is similar to the Spicy Environment-friendly Anything option at Taco Bell restaurants. If you are a fan of their Verde Sauce, then you can additionally try to Lava Anything via their spicy nacho sauce. The Verde Sauce is a nice combo of sweet and also spicy, so grab yourself some of this delicious green sauce. We recommend asking for this sauce. It might be rare, but it"s worth it to ask. When ordering, don"t forgain to grab some of the other Taco Bell secret menu items!

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Simply ask for some "Verde Sauce". It only exists at particular locations, yet it"s so good that it"s worth asking for.

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