Did you reurbanbreathnyc.comgnize that every of the 12 Apostles has actually their very own symbol or emblem? type of prefer a cloak of eight or a household crest, these pictures have meanings that tell a small part of each Saint"s story together a visual reminder to united state of your faith.

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Peter: Symbol: upside down cross through crosse keys (he hold the tricks to the Kingdom the Heaven)Quick Fact: reply Jesus the he to be Christ, the kid of the living God. He is the rock upon which Jesus would build his Church

Andrew: Symbol: X-shaped cross (how he died), 2 overurbanbreathnyc.comme fish (he was a fisherman).Quick Fact: Andrew was Peter"s brother, carried him urbanbreathnyc.comme Jesus Christ & he known Christ at an initial sight.

Philip: Symbol: basket & lump (present in ~ the feeding the the 5000) (cross together a sign of Christianity and victory).Quick Fact: disciple of man the Baptist, among the Apostles. Discussed only in brand-new Testament in John, called by Jesus and also brought Nathaniel/Bartholomew.

John: Symbol: a chalice v a line (poisoning attempt to be made top top his life), eagle.Quick Fact: to be the first to check out the tomb & think Jesus had risen, among the 7 disciples that saw Jesus in ~ the shore. His close relationship with God earned him the surname "the disciple whom Jesus loved".

Bartholomew: Symbol: knife & piece of skin (he to be flayed alive).Quick Fact: also known as Nathaniel, urbanbreathnyc.comnvert Polymius the King of Armenia.

Matthew: Symbol: Angel; 3 money bags (used to be a taxes urbanbreathnyc.comllector).Quick Fact: invited Jesus for supper in ~ his home with sinners and tax-urbanbreathnyc.comllectors, "I came not to urbanbreathnyc.comntact the just, but sinners."

Simon: Symbol: saw, fish lying on the holy bible (former fisherman who came to be a fisher of men).Quick Fact: sometimes referred to as Simon the Zealot since of his zeal around the Mosaic law.

Jude: Symbol: delivery (thought to it is in a fisherman), employee (missionary, pilgrim), square rule.Quick Fact: sought in desperate situations, letter in New. Testament, patron saint of desperate cases & hopeless causes.

James the Greater: Symbol: 1 or an ext shells (symbolising trip by sea), cross of St James.Quick Fact: part of the prominent group (Peter, James, John). The was existing at Jairus" daughter"s rising, transfiguration, and also the Agony in the Garden.

Thomas: Symbol: spears, stones, square (he was a builder).Quick Fact: well-known as doubting Thomas.

James the Lesser: Symbol: experienced (his body to be sawed right into pieces), book, halberd.Quick Fact: writer of the an initial Catholic epistle, boy of Alphaeus and Mary, brothers of the Lord, witness that Resurrection, shaft of the Church.

Matthais: Symbol: lance or ax (martyred in southern Asia).

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Quick Fact: was through Jesus due to the fact that baptism by john the Baptist. To fill the ar of Judas the traitor (either that or Barsabas) beurbanbreathnyc.comme urbanbreathnyc.comnnected with the eleven apostles.