You regulate a solitary subnet with three switches. The switches are linked to provide redundant paths in between the switches.Which feature avoids switching loops and ensures there is just a single active route between any two switches?
Spanning tree is a protocol on a switch that permits the switch to maintain multiple paths in between switches in ~ a subnet. The covering tree protocol runs on each switch and is offered to pick a single path between any two switches.

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For both bridges and also switches:In the discovering state, ports carry out not front frames, however still populate the MAC address table based upon frames received.In the blocking state, ports get BPDUs, however do not forward frames.In the listening state, all ports are blocked.
Switches running STP room in the procedure of exchanging BPDUs and also redefining your roles. Which harbor state space the switches currently in?
A switch is running STP is in the discovering state. A message destined because that a various network segment come at the switch.Which that the following best describes what the switch will certainly do?
It supplies the source MAC resolve and network segment information to develop its bridge database, but does no forward the message.
A switch to run STP is in the listening state. A message destined because that a different network segment come at the switch.Which the the following best describes what the switch will certainly do?
You have just connected four switches as shown in the Exhibit.Assuming the default switch configuration, which move will become the source bridge?
The switch with the lowest bridge ID i do not care the root bridge. The bridge ID is composed of two parts, a bridge priority number and the MAC attend to assigned to the switch. The default priority number for all switches is 32,768. This way that because that unconfigured switches, the switch with the shortest MAC address becomes the root bridge. In this example, leg B has the shortest MAC address.

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You have actually just linked four switches as displayed in the Exhibit.Assuming the default switch configuration, how have the right to you pressure switch C to come to be the root bridge?
You have actually three switches configured as displayed in the Exhibit.How deserve to you guarantee the switch C becomes the source bridge?
You have to configure spanning tree top top a Cisco switch. You"d prefer to usage a protocol the conforms to the 802.1w standards.Which protocol have to you use?
Rapid PVST+ is the IEEE 802.1w standard. RSTP enhances convergence by actively confirming the a switch is ready to change to a forwarding state, eliminating the listening and learning stages. RSTP specifies several new types of links and also uses fewer extending tree states.
You control a network that offers multiple switches. You desire to carry out multiple paths between switches so the if one link goes down, an alternative path is available.Which feature should your switch support?




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