Sweet Pea infant Shower template Ideas

Every baby is a Sweet Pea and that makes it a perfect design template for a infant shower.

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A Sweet Pea infant shower is a good theme because that the spring or Summer or if the baby"s nursery has a green or garden motif. If the upcoming infant is a girl, you have actually a Princess & The Pea theme, which is very cute!


One fast distinction: Sweet pea is both a garden pea and a climbing plant with sweet-smelling flower the come in a wide range of colors. So as soon as you select a sweet pea template for her baby shower, you could either do a sweet pea flower layout (pink) or a pea pod design template (green). I have included pink and also green invitations & games for both themes.

Here space a ton of cute and original Sweet Pea baby Shower ideas for your party:

___________________________________Sweet Pea baby Shower Invitations

I think the ideal idea because that cute and also easy invitations is utilizing vellum. Vellum is a thin, semi-opaque, semi-clear, milky fancy paper.

How is vellum used? To make invitations because that a Sweet Pea infant shower theme, an initial go to a scrapbook or craft store and also buy part sheets the Sweet Pea, green, or garden paper. You can obtain at least 2 invitations indigenous one 8½ through 11 inch sheet (depending ~ above how large or small you make the invitations). A 4” by 6” invitations is a recommended size. Also, at the store, buy the same amount of sheets the vellum. Likewise buy some ribbon or steel brads. You deserve to use one of two people the ribbon or brads to close the vellum come the paper.

Now because that the fun part! ~ above the computer, kind up the details you want on the invitations. You might write something like this:

Come Celebrate sarah Hansen"s little Sweet Pea!

It"s a infant Shower!

25 August, 20052575 Sycamore WayGiven by Julie CookRSVP to Julie at 405-555-5545

Sarah and her tiny girl areregistered in ~ Babies-R-Us.

Or something choose that.

Next, publish your wording onto her vellum. Friend may have actually to change and play approximately with the printer settings to gain it to print two invitations top top one page. So prior to you start printing on her sheets of vellum, use empty white record first until you obtain it just just how you want it. Then, print off as many as you are going come need. Then, cut the vellum down to around 3” by 5” dimension with the wording focused in the middle.

Next, cut your Sweet Pea themed record to 4” by 6” size. Then ar the vellum on height of the Sweet Pea themed document and close it in ~ the optimal with two brads, same spaced in the center. Or punch 2 holes, same spaced (about 1-2 inches apart) in the vellum and also the paper; then loop come ribbon through both the paper and the vellum.

Finish it by tying the ribbon in a cute bow ~ above top.

You are ready to send lock off!

If friend don’t want to use vellum, you might follow the instructions above, but instead of to press the wording onto vellum, just print the wording ~ above a light-colored environment-friendly or white paper. Cut to size and also you are done!

OR, easier still, you could use among the following free printable Sweet Pea infant shower party invitations:


Here is a funny & totally free printable Sweet Pea baby shower video game to play. Every native in the crossword has actually the letter "p" in it and also they all have actually something to carry out with a baby!Preparation because that this baby shower game: make a copy the this Sweet Pea Crossword because that each of her guests.How to play: offer each guest a copy of the Sweet Pea Crossword and also a pen or pencil. They must use the across and Down ideas to to fill in the blanks on the card. The first one to properly fill in all of the indigenous is the winner!

The Princess and also the Pea Gift GameThis video game is a good one because that a girl baby shower. Friend will require several small presents for this game, packages of candy or liquid bars occupational well because that this gifts. Have all the guest sit in a circle, and hand out your little gifts randomly to guests in the circle. Publish out a copy that The Princess and the Pea fairy tale. Then explain that together you check out the story (or you can have the mommy-to-be read the story), everytime they hear you check out the indigenous "princess" they happen the gift come the right. At the end of the story, everyone is in possession the the presents gets to store them! This game requires no skills but that is fun and livens up the party. And also it is a perfect video game for a "Sweet Pea" or "Pea in a Pod" baby shower theme.

Baby Food Taste TestBe sure to buy a seasoned of Peas baby food for this one!Preparation because that this infant shower game: to buy 8 or more jars of baby food that all different flavors. Because that fun, purchase 2 or 3 very unique flavors. Cover the label of every jar with paper or aluminum silver paper so that the surname of the odor is covered. V a marker, create a number on every jar indigenous 1 to 8.How come play: pass each guest a file plate, a notecard, a pen, and a plastic spoon. Have actually everyone number their document plate native 1 to 8 (or more), evenly spacing the numbers on the outer rim the the plate. Pass roughly the jars of baby food and instruct every guest to scoop a small spoonful of baby food out on your plate, each flavor to a different number. Then everyone tastes every flavor and also writes under on their notecard what flavor castle think that is. Once everyone is finished, eliminate the covers off of the jars to disclose the odor of every jar. Whoever correctly guesses the most flavors is the infant food queen (or king). Be sure to take photos of the funny faces!

Baby Feeding FrenzyThis game is incredibly fun and also incredibly messy! So the is finest to execute it over a laminate floor or outside. Use eco-friendly Jell-O for this game - it will certainly fit in through your eco-friendly decor and theme.Preparation because that this baby shower game: Prepare one key of environment-friendly Jell-O because that each guest. Do this the day prior to the shower.How come play: divide the guests into teams the 2 and have them sit encountering each various other on 2 chairs. Ar a towel or big plastic rubbish bag over each one because that a bib. They"re gonna need it! provide each guest a plastic spoon and also a bowl of Jell-O. Climate blindfold every of the two guests and also say go!his They must feed each various other as fast as lock can. Give them 60 secs to feed every other and at the end of the time, see exactly how much of their Jell-O has been eaten. Then have one more team go. Whichever team eats the many is the winner! (a team could "finish" their Jell-O, however it could just be almost everywhere the various other person and also not in reality "eaten") have actually each team perform separately so everyone have the right to watch anyone else. Everyone will be laughing so hard!

___________________________________Sweet Pea infant Shower Favors

• Pea particle Packets for a garden• fragrant Candles - pick a green-colored candle to fit your Sweet Pea theme• environment-friendly Votive Candles• break-up Pea Soup Mix• infant Bottles fill with eco-friendly Jelly belly jelly beans

___________________________________Sweet Pea infant Shower Food

Any green-colored food is a great choice because that a Sweet Pea baby shower!

VEGETABLE emboldened 1 quart genuine mayonnaise 1 cup buttermilk or cake cream 1 teaspoon garlic salt 1 tespoon onion salt 1 teaspoon Ac"cent 2 tablespoons Salad SupremeMix well and also chill. Serve v vegetable tray.

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CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICHESThese sandwiches room not green, but they have peas in them and also are delicious! 2 to 4 c. Cooking chicken, cubed 2 T. Orange juice 2 T. Vinegar 1 tsp. Salt 3 c. Cook rice ½ c. Small grapes (red) 1/4 c. Sweet peas 1-1/2 c. Chopped celery 1 c. Pineapple tidbits, drained 1 c. Mandarin oranges, drained and also cut in fifty percent 1 c. Toasted almonds 1-1/2 c. MayonnaiseCombine chicken, vinegar and also salt. Let was standing while preparing rest of the ingredients. Tenderness toss together all ingredients, and serve on fresh lettuce. Or for sandwiches, serve on croissant rolls.



___________________________________Sweet Pea infant Shower Gifts

• something Sage or Light eco-friendly is Perfect! - Onesies - Receiving blanket - dress - Socks - shirt - pants - bath towel • Garden Themed infant Clothes• Peter the hare Themed infant Clothes• Peter the hare Themed Nursery Decor

___________________________________Sweet Pea infant Shower Gifts

Use this Sweet Pea thank you cards to give thanks to your guests because that coming come celebrate a brand-new little Sweet Pea:

Pink Sweet Pea say thanks to You
Garden Sweet Pea give thanks to You