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#GOODQuestions with Bevza

Bevza opens up up come GRAZIA around how she harnessed feminine strength in her FW21 collection and also the superiority of tomatoes you thrive yourself.

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What’s good, America? GRAZIA USA asks fashion industry leaders and also influential voices to share their secrets to a life well-lived: native the tiny delights of day-to-day coffee orders come thought-provoking literature, and also more complex topics like sustainability and social activism. Welcome come #GOODQuestions.

Here, we chat v fashion designer Svetlana Bevza about her fall Winter 2021 arsenal unveiled during NYFW.

#GOODQuestions v Svetlana Bevza


#GOODSourceHow was the procedure of sourcing and designing different this season contrasted to previous seasons?Usually we source for new fabrics throughout the globe yet this time we took this season as a an obstacle to concentrate on sourcing fabrics developed in Ukraine. For instance, our “fur” cloak is do of hemp, grown and also produced in Ukraine. Also, all handmade pieces space made of wastes from structure of ahead seasons.

#GOODInspoWho or what was the source of impetus for the collection?We continue to re-publishing an ethnic social heritage v collections and also this time it describes a significant figure in Ukrainian background – regent /knyahynya/ Olga. In the 10th century, as soon as women’s legal rights were no taken right into account, she already ruled the country competently and strongly. Olga possessed a tremendous capability for strategic thinking and also planned every her plot explicitly and prudently. Hence, this arsenal is around the power of a woman, her wisdom, and also beauty.

#GOODLuckDo you have any type of day of present rituals that bring you good luck?Those I keep in secret. However one the most crucial rituals that I’d mention here is come sleep well before the work of the show.

#GOODLooksWhat’s your favorite look at or item from the collection and why?White balaclava. It’s the an essential symbol of this collection

#GOODGirlWho is the woman you style for? who is your muse?Every self-defined woman v her own strong vision and unique path is a muse because that me. I design for women who dare come live life complete of creativity, wisdom, and also freedom.

#GOODPracticeWhat procedures did her team take to work-related efficiently yet stay safe while developing this collection? How has COVID-19 impacted the means that her brand has approached fashion week and also the presentation of brand-new collections?We took threats to work-related from home for every the executive, management team and with versatile schedules for the manufacturing team. Fortunately, it operated well. Because of lockdown limitations, we even interpreted how come simplify plenty of production, logistic, and also administrative processes. Furthermore, endure of virtual shows became a brand new an innovative and motivating process.

#GOODCauseIn what means do girlfriend hope her collection makes a confident impact?We emphasize the meaning and duty of women in history, i m sorry is conveyed through the prism of cultural heritage. The brand-new collection represents distinctive feminine power. It’s not around equality, it’s about the reality that in addition to stunning mrs beauty, ladies possess courage and also strength.

#GOODFeelsDo girlfriend think it’s important virtual shows recreate the vibe the a display or create an entirely new experience?I think both sides space important. Virtual reflects are various from a real runway however I think that it can come to be an art itself. Any type of approach is good if the good.

#GOODExperienceWere there any kind of experiences or lessons that you’ll take away from this unique season?Surely! We have crystallized a lot of inside processes in Bevza.

#GOODMemoriesTell us around a favorite fashion week memory.One the the most memorable moment was when I met and chatted through Anna Wintour on the job of the final occasion of the Vogue worldwide Contest. The second thrilling moment was the first Bevza present at brand-new York Fashion Week.

#GOODViewsWhat were you watching many while designing this season?During the procedure of creating the new collection, ns researched scientific and historical literature around /knyahynya/ Olga. Because that instance, in the Lavra Library in Kyiv, I have the right to spend hours and be inspired. I additionally watched The color of Pomegranates and Shadows of forget Ancestors by Sergei Parajanov, studying the origin of the Ukrainian nationwide costume.

#GOODMusicCurrent fave songs you listened come while functioning on this collection?It was actually an examination that i intended it come be. The display soundtrack is based on the famous motif the Christmas track Shedryk the is recognized all around the human being as a people song. However it was actually composed by Ukrainian composer, Mykola Leontovych, in 1916. We put the key motif of the song on the modern canvas.

#GOODMorningWhat’s her morning routine? those the first app you open each day?I wake up, kiss mine kids and also husband, prepare my kid for school, and we all have actually breakfast. That’s exactly how the work begins. The an initial app I open is Instagram.

#GOODVibesWho in her life bring you good vibes and positive energy every day?My kid Marc and my daughter Anna. I view love every time i look in your eyes. This filling me with absolute happiness.

#GOODDayWhat provides your day go from great to great?The outcomes of the day. It’s once I do something (finish the project) and also think prefer “wow, i really walk it.” once I establish that i did miscellaneous bigger 보다 I can imagine yesterday.

#GOODQuotesQuote you love?A quote ns love is “beauty will conserve the earth.”

#GOODNewsBest news of the year because that you for this reason far?Sometimes, no news is the ideal news. 2020 to be a distinctive time come rethink values, meanings, and plans globally. The finest for me was the time invested with mine family.

#GOODBye2020What won’t you miss about last year?I certainly won’t miss lockdowns and my son’s digital learning. Ns won’t miss closed borders, the inability of foreign organization trips and traveling.

#GOODReadsWhat’s the last good book girlfriend read?Ruthless Management by Dan Kennedy.

#GOODGraceWhat helps you connect with her inner grace and goodness?When i ask myself questions, choose “Do i really favor it?” “Will it injury anyone?” “Do I lug values?”

#GOODEatsWhat is her fave recipe to make?Everything that is do from develop I prospered in mine garden. What deserve to be much more delicious than morning salad of cherry tomatoes, cilantro, and dill, slightly salted and also drizzled v olive oil? only a salad the tomatoes the you choose up from your garden 15 min ago.

#GOODLifeDefine what a good life method to you.

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A an excellent life is as soon as you live hand in hand through your intuition.