A social media article circulated earlier this week claiming that the Super Bowl this year would certainly be *the very first* in the history of the game in which both teams provided the exact very same major colour. The claim was then showed as true, this courtesy a truth inspect composed up by USA Today which was then spreview throughout their network of urbanbreathnyc.com sites.

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Here’s the original Tweet which was posted by sporting activities organization guru

So who’s gonna be the one to tell ’em?

Albest, I will.

Both facts in this insurance claim are exceptionally wrong. I have the right to forprovide Rovell for this, world make mistakes all the moment, especially on Twitter. But the fact-checkers at the USA Today? How did you whiff so badly on this one? It’s literally your job to confirm or deny stories, and also this ain’t specifically a story in which the answer was concealed all over.

First, the insurance claim that this is the initially Super Bowl to ever before feature the exact same major colour for each team.


With unique thanks to TruColor.net (which is *by far* the finest and the majority of exact resource for sports team colours out there), it’s taken place four times in the past, and also each time it was via teams who use the exact same shade of blue — this contains three instances in the previous ten years alone:

And yes, I deserve to currently hear you screaming at your display screen, the Rams did wear throwbacks (with a slightly different blue) at Super Bowl LIII, and yes, the Broncos did wear ovariety jerseys at Super Bowl XLVIII. Sure, fair. But let’s not forobtain the claim was that the *main colour in both team’s logos* was the exact same, not their unidevelops. Despite what they wore in those games, the major colour in both team’s logos was Pantone 289. And fine, even if you want to overlook those 2 despite the truth that they fulfill the criteria, there are still those *two other* examples.

My favourite exact colour complement at the Super Bowl was for Super Bowl XXV in between the Buffalo Bills and also New York Giants. Not only execute the Bills and Giants have exact equivalent major blues (287), yet they have specific corresponding second reds (186). If that wasn’t sufficient of a enhance for you, the Super Bowl XXV logo additionally supplied the precise exact same shades of blue and also red. And aacquire, significant props to TruColor.net for this historical colour information:

This one Super Bowl game alone renders the whole case incredibly incorrect.

But we’re not done yet because yes, there was an additional error through this reality. I really don’t recognize just how the USA Today’s “Fact Checkers” missed this one — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and also Kansas City Chiefs don’t also usage the very same shade of red! Not even close!

Just take a look at the official team stylesheets from this seachild, look how a lot darker Tampa Bay’s red is compared to Kansas City:

Now if we were playing this game a year back, yes, absolutely, we’d have a enhance (not the first match in Super Bowl history, but you already know that). Tampa Bay provided 186 up until the end of the 2019 seachild however they readjusted their red in April of 2020. However, ago below in 2021, the Chiefs usage Pantone 186 and also the Bucs use Pantone 187.

Not a complement, the board goes earlier.

The Bucs’ colour adjust wtoo recorded as soon as the team announced their brand-new logo and also unidevelop collection last year. At the time we even made this graphic reflecting a pretty clear adjust to their colour scheme:

Our ruling: Are You Kidding?!

Not only have actually numerous previous Super Bowls featured 2 groups via the specific same primary colour in their logo, but these two team’s logos don’t even usage the very same exact colour! We rate this insurance claim as DOUBLE FALSE.

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Special thanks to TruColor.net for their assist with the research on this story.

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