DAREDEVIL Jackass star Steve-O left pan retching as he verified off the fear blister burns 2 months on from a stunt which observed his mate set him ~ above FIRE.

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Never one to shy away from drama, the urbanbreathnyc.comntroversial TV host gave his Instagram followers a really in depth evaluation of the gruesome blisters - full of yellowy liquid - spattered across his tattooed arms and also hands.



In a video clip posted to his page, the revealed the effects of the burns to be still painful two months on.

Leaving soldier of his fans urbanbreathnyc.comncerned, Steve-O filmed a close-up the the grim blemishes starting with his hands, and told them: "My fingertips space bummed.

"I've never seen anything like it, it's almost everywhere me."

After zooming his camera phone over his human body to his right arm, which urbanbreathnyc.comuld likewise be left permanently blemished, he speak candidly around one that his former blisters and said: "The one that popped just woke me increase - ns was drenched."

In the caption, the revealed he continual the fear injuries filming stunts for his brand-new urbanbreathnyc.commedy.

The nail-biting scene experienced him jokingly phone call his friend to collection him top top fire - however his pal, believing his inquiry was serious, did simply that.



the told fans one blister popped when he was asleep

Yet the drama doesn't it seems to be ~ to have actually deterred the playful Londoner, 43.

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He added there would certainly be a repeat performance and wrote: "This weekend I'm performing the insane live display in Florida in ~ the West Palm beach Improv (Fri & Sat) with cost-free meet and also greets after each show."

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Meanwhile Steve-O's loyal followers were left urbanbreathnyc.comncerned through the clinical update.

One concerned Instagram user wrote: "You need medical attention" while another put: "This do me gag