It"s no secret that Drake is a substantial NBA fan, so v that in mind, it"s time come look ago on several of his most memorable lyrics concerned the two groups in this year"s NBA Finals: the gold State Warriors and also Toronto Raptors.

In "Summer Sixteen," Drake said, "Golden State running exercise at mine house."

Which was sort of a true story.

" me matches my brother-in-law, through Drake and also his boys and also some the my family members in the stands," Warriors point guard Steph Curry told Adam Fleischer of in 2016.

Curry has actually come up in Drake lyrics as well, such together this segment indigenous "0-100/The catch Up."

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"If i ain"t the best then I"m headed for it / That mean I"m way up (way up) / Yeah, the 6 ain"t friendly yet that"s where I lay increase / This s--t a mothaf--kin" lay increase / I to be Steph Curry through the shoot / Been cookin" v the sauce, chief Curry through the pot, boy."

And there to be this heat from "Still Here."

"I gotta speak to God even though that isn"t near me / Based on what ns got, it"s difficult to think that he don"t hear me / Hittin" choose that 30 on my jersey, man, I"m gifted."


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Drake also gave a shout-out to Kevin Durant, from his Oklahoma City Thunder days, in "Weston roadway Flows."

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NBA ~ above TNT

They didn’t want it, however we got it!”