I have had actually my leader maxed out together a Sherriff because that hours. Ns did all his quests. Every the torment hearts have actually been got rid of for a while. I upgraded my basic to level 3. Ns spent hrs trying to get the "end" to trigger and also finally chose to move my ar to a brand-new area. Now this area seems full of pester hearts. Ns am assuming those need to be destroyed again now? and also then what? how do ns "win" the game?


Once you destroy all plague hearts, then complete the leader search line, a cutscene need to trigger and also then girlfriend are triggered to pick who to take to a brand-new game.

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The last search mission prompts you at the allude of no return.

If you relocated area manually friend are most likely in a brand-new game basically.

Moving come a new territory resets the variety of plague hearts... I think there are 9 in any new territory started.

I simply finished a community. The typical order is elect a Leader -> remove all pester hearts -> complete Leader legacy Quests. The last tradition mission has actually a warning that you can't go back to this neighborhood upon completion. After finishing, the credits play and also you get a heritage boon which deserve to be offered in an additional playthrough. You can also select approximately 3 survivors from her previous neighborhood (with your inventories so be certain to stock them up prior to the critical mission). In your case, the looks prefer the tradition quests did not start for you, i beg your pardon I have read can take place with a Sheriff. There's a State of degeneration sub i beg your pardon may have some techniques to get roughly the bug.

Except I never ever saw a cutscene or credits or a warning saying ns was top top the last quest. I think possibly it to be bugged.

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You've been hit with whatever game pest I have. Mine leader to be a sheriff in the foothills, I eliminated all afflict hearts, go 2 probably 3 missions where ns was dubbed to deal with a dispute, now the just thing showing on the mission screen is "define your neighborhood goals" or something along those lines. Ns scavenged for much more than an hour and also the closest thing I obtained to development was gift told to speak through my community about what to do currently that the plague hearts room all destroyed; I in reality went thru this twice yet nothing has actually happened since.

I review to contact for brand-new survivors to trigger the legacy finale however it says none are obtainable after trying. My video game is complete of allied/friendly enclaves so ns thought probably there are too plenty of to spawn new ones so i took out the 2 cold enclaves but still nothing taken place when I referred to as out for new survivors. I've relocated on come a various group and will leave this one in expect of a future spot to solve my issue; it to be my just play thru and also I overcame all sorts of game bugs and moronic AI situations without losing any type of characters for this reason I'm pretty proud of this group and also don't desire to offer up!

The only thing I have the right to think that is possibly I did too much into the heritage goals prior to killing off the last plague heart. The or as my friend says I take it too great of care of the various other enclaves and also the bandits who supposedly come for the sheriff finale know they won't obtain support in my town!