Prepare you yourself to join

We desire to help set you up for success. Get a good understanding of our applications process, best here. Be certain to produce a profile and keep your details current. In the meantime, continue to be in touch through our team and monitor her application(s) status.

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Our employees room challenged, guided, and empowered. Together a community, we assist one one more grow professionally and also personally. It’s component of who we are and also have been because 1922.

SHANE: Welcome and thanks for your interest in State Farm!PAIGE: We’re committed to her success, so store a few things in mind during the application process.SHANE: finish a profile and also keep your call information current.PAIGE: send a completed application and also upload your resume. This is why these elements are for this reason important.SHANE: your profile is wherein you can check the condition of her application and to learn about any work you may need come complete prior to moving front in the process. Currently we don’t want you to miss out on any potential opportunities, so examine your profile often and again make sure your call information is current – particularly your email address since this is the many common method that we’ll contact you.PAIGE: as soon as it concerns your application, it’s crucial that you fill it the end completely! Incomplete applications may not relocate forward in the process, for this reason double-check your application prior to clicking submit.SHANE: currently let’s talk about your resume and why you have to upload the when applying for positions. Think of her resume as a device that you can use to was standing out amongst other applicants. Usage it to tell us about your skills and experiences and why you’re appropriate for the position and also for State Farm.PAIGE: relying on the task you applied for, you may be asked to complete pre-employment and/or language testing. The tests may be online or over the phone. It’s herbal to feel a little nervous. Therefore relax and do her best.SHANE: If you’re selected for an interview, you will do it be invited to complete a video interview. Be sure to submit your completed interview by the deadline requested or in ~ a couple of days if there’s no a particular deadline that method we recognize you’re tho interested.PAIGE: If you get a task offer and you accept, you will certainly be inquiry to complete a elevator check and also drug screen. These room time-sensitive work that must be completed satisfactorily as a condition of her employment.SHANE: us hope this tips space helpful. Though some may seem obvious, we’ve found that adhering to these references tends to put applicants top top the best path forward for success.PAIGE: thanks again for your attention in State Farm and also best of luck come you in your career search!

Interview prep

shot out these techniques in your next interview.


Hello – we’re happy you’re here to learn an ext about interviewing with State Farm. In enhancement to your application and also resume, her interview is a an excellent way because that you to assist us obtain to recognize you better.Before applying for a position, spend some time learning around State Farm. Additionally research the project you’ve used for and also be all set to tell us why your experience and skills make you the best candidate because that the job. If girlfriend haven’t viewed our Success for Digital Interviewing video, think about doing that.As you’re prepare for your interview, practice using “I” statements. “I” statements help us obtain to understand you and what you lug to the table. Additionally, sharing experiences v storytelling approaches helps the interviewer relate your experiences come the requirements. One means to execute this is the S.T.A.R. Method. I beg your pardon is utilizing situations, tasks, actions and results the you’ve been a component of. Remember, her interview will help us get to know you better so prepare, practice and be confident!Thanks again for your interest in State farm and an excellent luck wherever her career take away you!

Digital interview excellent right

take notes on just how to deliver fantastic online interview.


Welcome to an early step in helping you become part of an exceptional team recognized as State Farm! We’re excited about your attention in State Farm and are yes, really looking front to meeting you.This quick video clip includes some helpful pointers for nailing your video interview. Follow this five basic tips to collection yourself up for success: reminder one. Uncover A Quiet Place.Being maybe to be heard is vital to her success so find a quiet location with no distracting sounds or motions. Also, examine your sound setups to ensure her audio no muffled or as well quiet for us to hear.Tip two. Her background.Once you’ve selected your location think about what her viewer will view besides you? protect against busy backgrounds -- your setting should it is in clean and also professional. Girlfriend don’t need to go so much as using just a empty white wall, but remember – easier is better and will save the emphasis on you.Tip three. Camera position. Whatever maker you’re connecting from; mobile, tablet or laptop, be sure to secure and stabilize your an equipment in a means that you room able come be watched clearly. This additionally frees you up from having actually to secure the machine with her hands. Be certain the camera is maintained still in ~ eye level together this is how world typically watch you. If using a laptop through a constructed in or attached camera, think about propping it increase on a box or a ridge of publications to save the shot at eye level as well. Pointer four. Great lighting counts.Ensuring the viewer can plainly see you is important and easy to do. Throughout the day, confront a home window so you’re naturally lit native the front. If it’s as well bright or dark, simply change the shades or curtains. If it’s night, placed a light resource in former of you. Dimmable lamps work an excellent if you have them. Pat with how close it demands to be to obtain the light just right. Tip five: dress appropriately. When it involves attire, we imply a service casual look – something like this. To do a good impression, skip t-shirts, tank tops, hats and PJs. We hope you discovered these tips useful! We’re excited because that you to take the following steps and also wish girlfriend the finest of luck. And also here’s a bonus tip; Practice, practice, practice! take it as countless practice runs together you’d choose before starting the real interview.Once again, finest of luck and also thank you because that your interest in becoming component of the State farm team!

5 steps come potential employment

We"ve outlined the employment journey so you have the right to be prepared and learn exactly how to set yourself up because that success.

Your profile

Go come the find page, select the job you desire to apply for and submit an applications to be thought about for the opening. You"ll be triggered to produce a profile throughout the applications process.

Pre-employment assessment

For some positions, you may be request to complete pre-employment and/or language ability assessments.


Interviewing with State Farm may be completed via a video clip interview and/or with a rental manager. This offers us a opportunity to learn more about your an abilities and experience as well as share through you information about the duty and the work environment. New to video interviewing? Learn more here.

Job offers

If selected, you will do it be asked to log in to your profile to see the job offer. The will administer details around the position, location, salary, and also start date and also required following steps.


Pending successful results from a lift check and drug test, your offer will it is in finalized and you’ll learn more about what to expect on your first day.

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Reasonable accommodation Assistance

State farm is one equal chance employer.

Department of job (DOL) federal NoticesApplicants have actually rights under the following federal employed laws. State Farm follows guidance indigenous the room of job to ensure that applicants have accessibility to the following federal employment notices discovered here: Applicant Compliance Notices


We value your privacy. We may collect personal information from friend such together identifying info (name, address, driver"s license number), transactional info (products or services purchased and also payment history), digital network task (interactions with our website, IP address), geo-location data, audio recordings and also other develops of an individual information. We use this details for business, marketing and commercial purposes, including but not restricted to, giving the products and services friend request, processing your claims, protecting versus fraud, preserving security, confirming her identity and offering you various other insurance and also financial products.For California residents, click here to check out the full version of the California consumer Privacy Notice.Para español, haga clic aquí para ver la versión completa del Aviso de Privacidad del Consumidor de California.