Stumbled across this article that defines that in SW: The Old Republic, (on a PC) if you hold Alt and press 0164 on your keypad then release Alt, you'll gain ¤. In the game, reportedly it transforms in to the Galactic Crmodify Standard symbol (image) which is based upon the 18th letter of Aurebesh.

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Due to the fact that that symbol does NOT show up as soon as we form that, what if it was visually equivalent sufficient... prefer this?

Ex: Spfinish ₹5000 on Boba Packs

Or is this better?

Spend ¤5000 on Boba Packs


I feel favor I posted this here when prior to, however couldn't uncover it... I understand I tweeted it...


Pros on ₹: Looks kinda choose a Resh with 2 lines. Cons: No Alt+xxxx code to kind :-/ although you have the right to execute ₹ on It's currently linked through a real-civilization currency: Rupees

Pros on ¤: Able to kind with Alt+0164 (or usage ¤). Alall set connected with Star Wars using The Old Republic game. It likewise is a symbol for an unspecified money. Cons: Doesn't look prefer a visual depiction of credits (to me).

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On iOS, at least, you have the right to create a keyboard shortcut that replaces a word with that symbol.

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#SWCT I desire tbelow to be a one character symbol for credits. Can any type of of these work? ⌬⌕⇺ℂ₡₢₹∉ Tright here are two that I really choose. Thoughts?

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