The Corporate sector in the Star wars franchise is located in the galaxy’s outer Rim Territories. It was a an essential trading area, and also governed by the live independence Corporate sector Authority. It has been described as a “fiefdom” because that corporate entities, given complimentary reign come govern as they choose.

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These space our favorite worlds in the corporate Sector.


Cantonica to be a desert earth in the Cantonica device within the Corporate sector of the galaxy’s external Rim Territories. The planet was home to the casino city Canto Bight, which was a destination for rich tourists, gamblers, and also war profiteers. Many denizens enjoyed betting top top the Farrier races, lot like steed racing. V such a occupied world, and also so much to offer it would certainly be handy to have actually a website for evaluate such as 1xbet to advise you where best to go. Where far better to gain a video game than Cantonica when you have made the decision.


Bonadan is the chief port human being of the this firm Sector and the primary human being in the Bonadan system. It boasts 10 gigantic spaceports that room iconic approximately the galaxy. That is a strip-mined earth at the end of the Hydian Way, lot like Bespin and also Lothal.

Due come the mining, Bonadan’s surface ar was heavily eroded, and the topsoil destroyed by constant drilling and construction. The once-beautiful landscape was left scorched and also barren from years of strip-mining, pollution, and also mismanagement. What remains of the surface is covered with factories, refineries, docks, and shipbuilding facilities throughout the ten spaceports.

Etti IV

Etti IV is the funding of the this firm Sector and is recognized as a hot, and also stormy world. The earth is cleared up by the Etti, a blue-skinned gyeongju of Near-Humans that left the Core human beings many years back to escape persecution.

The civilization was a centrepoint and also crossroads for several significant trading routes, and thus was very hospitable come the galaxies humanoid races. This do Etti IV the many logical center for corporate Sector government administration.

The planet was also the headquarters the the Cybot Galactica who famously were caught in, an embezzlement scandal caused twelve executives being imprisoned ~ above the penal nest of Ord Cestus.


Ammuud to be a cold planet located in the semi-independent Corporate sector of the galaxy’s outer Rim Territories. The earth saw years of fighting in between its 7 resident family clans, who at some point united to govern Ammuud under the password of Ammuud.


The Salient device was a star system situated in the Corporate ar of the galaxy. It play a an important role in hiding saw Gerrera when Moff Wilhuff Tarkin placed the device under siege. The Galactic realm finally take it it over and also extracted the freighter pilot has actually Obitt from important II. Saw Gerrera was played through Forrest Whitaker in the movie Rogue One, whilst Moff Tarkin was illustrated by legendary actor Peter Cushing in A brand-new Hope.

The that company Sector continues to be a an essential part the Star battles storytelling to this day, and also is still mentioned and also referenced in the recent films, television, and books. It an initial sprung to non-fiction prestige in the West end Games RPG sourcebook, “Han Solo and The this firm Sector” haven been a major part of the very first ever Star battles novels by Brian Daley, The Han Solo Adventures in the so late 1970s.

It was presented to fans as follows:

Before the fight of Yavin and a opportunity encounter in a cantina in the spaceport city that Mos Eisley …

A young Corellian smuggler and also his Wookiee very first mate, eager to take on the riskiest that cargoes if the credits room right, have concerned the that company Sector, a an ar of an are so rich, it’s stated they wrap the starport landing strips with nova crystals.

The corporate Sector was one wisp turn off one branch in ~ the end of one eight of the galaxy, however that wisp had tens of hundreds of star systems.

The Corporate ar Authority had been hired to manipulate — some called it plunder — the uncountable wide range there. That wealth and influence overshadowed that the all however the richest imperial Regions. The Authority to be owner, employer, landlord, government, and also military, and not a benevolent one.

And that’s where Han Solo’s and Chewbacca’s troubles began …

If you desire to plot your adventure look because that the Sourcebook ~ above eBay, but perhaps the easiest way to learn more is to pick up the tho in print novels from Brian Daley.

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They are often accumulated together in one huge paperback called the Han Solo adventures, but you can likewise buy the individual books, Han Solo in ~ Stars’ end (1979), Han Solo’s Revenge (1979), and also Han Solo and the Lost tradition (1980). There maybe is no richer Star battles story out there.