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SO3 Inventors through Horned-Eye-GorillaThis is just how you can get all the inventors in the game so if lock don"t all work please permit me know. There are about 26 inventors friend can gain in the game from talent levels ranging from 4 every the means 99. Therefore they will be a key part in this epos RPG game, for this reason don"t forget around the.......enjoy.(Initial Group)- Damma Mooda (Cooking 6) (Costs +10%) He"s in the west block of Aquios. He"ll require the "Winking age Cider" liquor to reduce by the Monnshadow Clan adversaries in the Duggas Forest.- Milenia (Compounding 19) (Costs -20%) She"s in the chapel in Arias. Every she requirements is 3800 Fol. - Mayu (Cooking 20) (Costs -30%) She"s in the kitchen on the third floor that the Kirsla training facility (she"s the one who provided you the key). You"ll require to provide her the "Adorable Kitty" which have the right to be produced by handmade (use Fayt, Nel,and Santice expense 181-205)(Upon beginning Aquios)- Eliza (Alchemy 4) (Time -30%) She"s wandering about the eastern ar in Aquios. Every she needs is 10000 Fol. - Grats (Blacksmith 25) He"s in the factory on the exterior of the Bequerel Mines. He demands 13500 Fol. - Santice (Craft 20) (Time -30%, costs -20%) She"s inside the "Inn" in Surferio. She needs the minimal Edition Doll i m sorry is in a treasure chest in the Duggas Forest. The "inn" is Roger"s house found where Izak is and the Dilly of Lyousd a Humaniod out of water.(After returning to Arias after the Bequerel Mines)- Gossam (Compounding 9) (Costs +20%) He"s in the northern part of Peterny. You"ll require to give him the potion of Youth "Fake" which have the right to be created by compounding (Cost 5).- Maxwell (Alchemy 31) (Time +40%) He"s in the east library of Aquarian Castle. He demands the book of Prophecy #1 in a sweetheart chest in the Shrine that Kaddan. Rijel (Cooking 47) (Time +40%) She"s in the food save of Kirsla. Give her the golden Curry which girlfriend can create through food preparation (Fayt, Nel, Mayu, cost 41-47).(After returning from the Shrine of Kaddan) - Misty Lear (Alchemy 50) She"s wandering around the Bar hill factory. You can recruit her by offering her the Spirit stone which itself is in the Bar Ruins. Lias (Blacksmith 36) (Costs +20%) He"s in the bar in Airyglyph. He requirements 28000 Fol.- Dejison "The development King" (Machinery 6) (Time -20%, prices +40%) He"s wandering roughly the highways of Airyglyph. To acquire him, give him the can be fried Bomb (looks choose a duck) which deserve to be created by machine (Fayt, Cliff, Maria, cost 166).(After reaching Airyglyph coming from ancient Ruins of Mosel) - Killer chief (Cooking 75) (Time -30%) He"s wandering about Surferio. Offer him the crawl Kitchen Knife, which can be purchase in Gemity.(for about 55000) - Cornelius (Writing 15) (Time -40%) He"s in the weapon save in Airyglyph. Give him the Sunrise thesaurus uncovered in the Moonbase. Balbados (Craft 37) (Time -40%, expenses +50%) He"s in the the shade of one of the mountains in the Mosel Dunes. Provide him the neck Jewelry i beg your pardon is in the portion of the Kirsla Cavern through the Hauler Beast(take a left turn then a ideal turn, then stop; you"ll require the Ring of Disintigration).(After defeating Crossel) - Michell (Writing 35) (Costs +10%) He"s wandering roughly the main avenue the Aquios. Give him 85000 Fol.- Gusto (Blacksmith 60) (Time -20%) He"s in the south ar of Peterny. Give him 60000 Fol. - Vanilla (Machinery 32) (Costs +30%) You"ll have already met him (her?) in the Urza Lava Cave. Go ago there and also hand end 30000 Fol. (Entering the Eternal Sphere)- Ansala (Alchemy 99) (Time -20%) He"s in among the rooms top top the very first floor that Aquios Castle. He"ll need the Philosopher"s stone created by Alchemy (Misty Lear, Eliza, Sophia, expense 11-12). - blown (Compounding 57) (Time -40%) She"s ~ above Floor 5 the the cavern of Tribulations. Offer her the experimental All-Purpose Antidote that"s discovered on Floor 2 of the cave of Tribulations.- Aqua and Evia (Craft 49) (Costs +10%) They"re in the Church in Peterny. All they require is 20000 Fol.(Returning come Aquios after ~ FD Space) - Meryl (Machinery 46) (Time +30%) She"s in the east section that Peterny. She"ll need the Doramera Tool collection i beg your pardon is in the round Corporation. - counting Noppen (Writing 44) (Costs +40%) He"s top top the second floor the Airyglyph Castle. Recruitment him with 150000 Fol.- Boyd (Blacksmith 95) (Time +50%) He"s in the save in Alias. He"ll require the Mistic Bent sword which can be bought because that 100 Bunny race Points in Gemity.(Returning native the Shrine of Canan the 2nd Time) - Chichelo (Craft 60) (Time +60%, costs -10%) In the items shop in ~ Surferio. She requirements 82000 Fol. - Sage Osman (Writing 73) (Time +40%) He"s in the church in Airyglyph. Offer him the Skeptic in the Paranormal book which is created through creating (Fayt, Michell, Cornelius, price 5670-6210). - louise the diviner (Compounding 98) (Time +30%) He"s in one of the homes in Surferio. Just provide him 90000 Fol.(Extra) - Izak (Machinery 65) (Costs -50%) Izak is never ever announced. Rather you can recruit that at any kind of time after ~ fulfilling details conditions. First, you need Meryl, Vanilla, and Dejison all under contract. Then, you need two items, the Blueprints given to you by Lumina ~ the Rumel/Rumina sidequest (see sidequests section), and the AI routine offered to friend by one of Blair"s coworkers in the round Corporation. After having all this technique the broken down robot in the western component of Surferio, and also you"ll acquire Izak.

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