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Pushing (Left) pole analog in a details direction allows your character to move. Push it every the means over the run, or only push it contempt to walk. Girlfriend may also dash by holding under (Circle) switch while moving the left stick and walk through holding under (Square) button while relocating left stick. Friend cannot, however, walk during battles.

Change the camera edge by utilizing (Right) analog stick. Press it under (also referred to as R3) to reset the edge behind her character. As soon as out experimenting the world, girlfriend can likewise use (UP and also Down) button to readjust the distance of the camera. Alternative for these functions can be adjusted under the Camera Responsiveness and Camera Controls part of the setups menu.


A minimap, which screen such details as your existing position, the points in ~ which new areas need to load, and also various destinations, is situated in the upper right-hand edge of the screen. Girlfriend can adjust its dimension by pressing Touchpad. When you unlock the important specialties, you’ll have the ability to spot enemies, harvesting points, and chests in the mini-map.

To see the complete map of an area, push the alternatives button. Take note that you will certainly not be able to view the map in every area. Moreover, you will not be to move while the map is open. Depending on which component you are in the story, not all exit in a specific area will be instantly accessible.


Once girlfriend either assault or are attacked by enemies while exploring, friend will have “encountered“ them and enter battle. Come attack and also initiate a battle, make certain an opponent has the target cursor end its head and then press X or O. Pressing Square switch will not cause your personality to attack, yet will urge your allies come act.

If friend strike before any enemies notice, it will certainly be taken into consideration a pre-emptive attack, and your party’s physical and magic strike will increase for short period of time throughout that battle. If any kind of enemies attack you to initiate an encounter, it will be taken into consideration a surprised attack and everyone in your party will have their physics defense diminished for a short duration of time.

Battles will finish once girlfriend have removed all the enemies, and also at that time friend will obtain an lot of the complying with rewards based upon your performance on top of the feasible drops of the beat enemies.EXP: experience points, i beg your pardon you have the right to accrue to level up.Fol: MoneySP: ability Points, required to learn and also level up Roles and Specialties.
Using a communicator enables you to go back to the Charles D. Goale. From there, you have the right to instantly travel to many locations via the transporter top top Deck 2 in order come view personal Actions or finish unfinished Quests. Over there are particular times, whoever , throughout which friend cannot usage communicator, such together battle, cutscenes, or when signal space being jammed.

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