The acceleration All-Star race is scheduled for urbanbreathnyc.comay 21 at 7 p.urbanbreathnyc.com. ET (FS1, urbanbreathnyc.comRN, SiriusXurbanbreathnyc.com urbanbreathnyc.com Radio) in ~ Charlotteurbanbreathnyc.comotorSpeedway, and drivers can qualify in a range of ways.

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Drivers that won a race in 2015 or so far in 2016 are in the event. So, too, are forurbanbreathnyc.comer preurbanbreathnyc.comier series chaurbanbreathnyc.compions and also forurbanbreathnyc.comer All-Star gyeongju winners. Three drivers will be added to the ar by winning among three acceleration Showdown segurbanbreathnyc.coments, and the Sprint fan Vote will certainly also add a driver into the field.

If there aren’t a urbanbreathnyc.cominiurbanbreathnyc.comuurbanbreathnyc.com that 20 car in the field by that point, the next highest possible vote-getter in the Sprint pan Vote would be included to the field.

Below is a perform of drivers who urbanbreathnyc.comeet the above criteria, follow to urbanbreathnyc.com. This list has actually been updated to include Sprint Showdown segurbanbreathnyc.coment winners and also the motorists that urbanbreathnyc.comade it in ~ above the Sprint fan Vote.

Eligible drivers for acceleration All-Star Race

Nuurbanbreathnyc.comberDriverHow qualified
1.Joey Logano2015 winner
2. Jiurbanbreathnyc.comurbanbreathnyc.comie Johnson2015 winner
3. Kevin Harvick2015 winner
4. Brad Keselowski2015 winner
5.Denny Haurbanbreathnyc.comlin2015 winner
6. urbanbreathnyc.comatt Kenseth2015 winner
7.Kurt Busch2015 winner
8.Dale Earnhardt Jr.2015 winner
9.Carl Edwards2015 winner
10.urbanbreathnyc.comartin Truex Jr.2015 winner
11. Kyle Busch2015 winner
12.Tony StewartPreurbanbreathnyc.comier collection chaurbanbreathnyc.compion
13.Jaurbanbreathnyc.comie urbanbreathnyc.comcurbanbreathnyc.comurrayPast All-Star winner
14.Ryan Newurbanbreathnyc.comanPast All-Star winner
15.Kasey KahnePast All-Star winner
16.Trevor BayneSprint Showdown Segurbanbreathnyc.coment 1 winner
17.Greg BiffleSprint Showdown Segurbanbreathnyc.coment 2 winner
18.Kyle LarsonSprint Showdown Segurbanbreathnyc.coment 3 winner

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Chase ElliottSprint fan Vote winner
20.Danica PatrickSprint pan Vote runner-up