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Things space really heating up now! Lena’s day with Wes (Trent Garrett) ends through a bang—literally! yet what about Martin (Oliver Hudson)? If he’d been able to dance v Lena would it have saved your relationship?

Personally, ns don’t think so. Lena and Martin’s relationship didn’t fail since one human being made one failure one time. That failed because, over plenty of years, many little things walk unresolved which caused hundreds of small resentments. The load of those resentments at some point sank the marriage boat. The said, ns love the he tried. It doesn’t deal with everything, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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In real life, Oliver does not share Martin’s distaste because that dancing. In fact, in his youth, Oliver was in a hip-hop run group dubbed Rice Krispies. He was Pop. I’m not making this up! lock would complete with other groups. Choose you, I essential to understand more. He explained, “There to be no actual judged competition but you knew once you were beat… which, for us, was every time. We skulked far to lick our wounds just to return with a new routine that attracted even an ext laughter and ridicule. Yet we persevered, and got absolutely nowhere.” Oh, Oliver, not true! You acquired to us and also we gained your sweet run moves. He will be reflecting off more dancing—and his singing—in future episodes!

One of points I love the most about this present is the means it features solid female friendships. Shoot the scene wherein I walk up the Silverlake stairs with my sister and also bestie was hilarious. We had actually to shoot multiple takes and every time we messed up, we had actually to start at the bottom again! Lindsay (Price, who plays Camille) and also I were jealous that Diane (Farr, who plays Maya) got to sit down in the center of the scene. I don’t mental how countless times us did those stairs exactly, yet I carry out remember feeling choose I’d deserve an extra dessert at lunch. It’s always fun to hang v those gals in between takes together well. Diane feels prefer the big sister I never had and also Lindsay choose a trusted friends I’ve recognized for years. I feel for this reason lucky!


(l-r) Diane Farr, Jenna Fischer and Lindsay Price during filming of illustration 3.

I’m specifically excited because that you all to see next week’s episode. It’s my favorite Martin storyline and also Oliver is an excellent as the cares because that a ailing Milo (Sander Thomas) on his own. Lena walk on one more date v Wes but, after discovering Milo is sick, struggles to no micro-manage things back at home.

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