The spiritual sequel to "Spider-Man: wrong Dimensions", edge of Time has the player switching between Peter Parker, the Spider-Man the Today, and Miguel O"Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, together they try to cancel the situations that led Peter to his untimely death.

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Spider-Man faces one that his greatest challenges ever: saving Spider-Man. Occurred by Activision-owned studio Beenox, Spider-Man: leaf of Time difficulties the player to take on the roles of both classic Amazing Spider-Man and also Spider-Man 2099 to exactly the timestream gone awry and prevent a catastrophic future lugged on through the early fatality of Peter Parker. One of the game"s main selling clues is the actions bring away by the impressive Spider-man in the previous will adjust things later of 2099 Spider-man, for better or because that worse.


Marvel veteran Peter David (co-creator the Spider-Man 2099) is at this time writing the story. Indigenous what is known, the story so far goes something like this: In the year 2099 an evil scientist, pedestrian Sloan, travels earlier in time in order to change the timeline as he watch fit. Among the transforms he makes, however, is implanting a series of control chips in Anti-Venom"s brain. These manage chips cause the now conflicted Eddie Brock (Anti-Venom) to look for out and kill Peter Parker, also known together the impressive Spider-Man. While trying to protect against Sloan, Spider-Man 2099 is trapped in a time bubble the shields the from the transforms to the timeline happening roughly him. Together a result he have the right to still remember the future as it should be, and after making call with previous Spidey prior to his death, lock both shot to reclaim order to the timeline. The player will bounce ago and forth between the roles of the remarkable Spider-Man and also Spider-Man 2099.


Spider-Man: leaf of Time allows the player manage both Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and also Spider-Man indigenous the year 2099 (Miguel O"Hara). Player"s actions as Peter Parker will influence the actions of Miguel O"Hara. These consequences are shown via split-screen events where a small pop up shows what"s happened in the future following what occurred in the past. Selections players do in the previous will influence what type of opponents they will face and also how the story will certainly unravel in the future.

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Edge that Time plays lot like Spider-Man wrong Dimensions through one switch for hefty attacks and one because that light, quick attacks which deserve to be chained together to create a combo. Both Spider Men have the right to web swing and also fling internet at their opponents. They likewise both have actually the ability to create a time paradox i beg your pardon freezes gradually all surrounding enemies. However, both personalities have unique abilities such as the ability to relocate at super rapid speed (Spider-Man) or the capability to distract enemies by generating a clone (Spider-Man 2099).