Dragon Ball: Every character That have the right to Use special Beam Cannon, Ranked special Cannon Beam is among Piccolo’s most iconic move in Dragon Ball. We"ve ranked every character that deserve to use it.

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introduced at the start of the Saiyan arc is a technique Piccolo developed specifically because that killing boy Goku, the Makankosappo, otherwise well-known as the one-of-a-kind Beam Cannon in Funimation’s English dub. It"s one of Piccolo’s most iconic moves – and also arguably his signature an approach across most iterations the Dragon Ball.

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For as intimately as the an approach is tied v Piccolo, he no the just character to fire turn off a unique Beam Cannon. Of course, us do have to clarify here. As much as the initial manga is concerned, no one however Piccolo supplies the distinct Beam Cannon and also it is not watched after the Saiyan arc. This no the situation for either the anime or the games.

Multiple video clip games attribute different personalities who deserve to pull off Piccolo’s signature move (all rooted in logic if nothing else,) and the anime event invents a few instances whereby other personalities fire turn off the unique Beam Cannon throughout filler. The Makankosappo is Piccolo’s baby, yet he’s no the only one enabled to use it.

Something come note, virtually all the entries below are base in the video games. In fact, many of the methods in the franchise the you’d likely see vomited over the wiki tend to originate from your games. If not their an extremely existence, then your names. That’s simply the nature of points with a series like Dragon Ball.

As Piccolo’s pupil, it provides sense Gohan would be able to use the special Beam Cannon in some timeline. It’s every the an ext fitting when said Gohan is the one equipped Future Gohan, conveniently mirroring when Piccolo supplied the method with one eight in the Saiyan Arc. Future Gohan have the right to use the unique Beam Cannon in: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Shin Budokai – an additional Road, and also Raging Blast 2.

In both the manga and also the anime, Cell’s cell Juniors don’t get to attain much of anything before Gohan brutalizes lock upon turning Super Saiyan 2. After scary a small bit of havoc because that a minute, tops, the cabinet Juniors find themselves literally take it apart together Gohan massacres them every in a remote rage. It provides for some great action, however it doesn’t leave video clip game devs lot to occupational with.

Which is why cell Junior simply tends come copy everything Cell can do wholesale. This sort of spoils the fact Cell can also use the distinct Beam Cannon, however come on, he’s component Piccolo. You should understand this already. Interestingly, the first instance of a cell Junior using the distinct Beam Cannon remained in Super Butoden 2. ~ that, however, it would take years before Cell junior would have the ability to fire off the an approach in another video game– specifics the Budokai Tenkaichi sub-series which exit in full on the game stations 2, v the latter two entries also on the Nintendo Wii.

despite featuring several of Piccolo’s DNA, Cell never ever fires turn off a distinct Beam Cannon in the manga. Rather, his connection with Piccolo is an ext to create his regenerative properties, ensuring cell won’t be beat easily or comfortable by the main heroes (which is funny considering how little damage Cell ends up act in the grand scheme of things.)

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To tie some clearer connections between Piccolo and also Cell, the anime attributes a couple of instances wherein Cell actually provides the special Beam Cannon. In general, the anime likes reusing signature techniques. This paris in direct contrast to just how Toriyama viewpoints them: usually simply one and also done, ensuring brand-new techniques are constantly memorable. With Toei, diminishing returns absolutely start to loss into place, especially with modern-day Dragon ball where every little of the fandom has been regurgitated advertisement nauseum.

4 Buutenks

similar to with Cell, the anime want to emphasize that Super Buu, particularly when he is Buutenks, is just as lot Piccolo together he is Gotenks. In the manga, the fight between Gohan and also Buttenks is extremely short and also mainly physical. There space Ki attacks, but the two mostly slug that out before Gohan start to lose his stamina.

The anime drags the fight the end considerably, trying to capitalize ~ above its epic nature. In turn, Buutenks fires turn off a unique Beam Cannon against Gohan. It’s interesting to note just how this parallels Piccolo firing the distinct Beam Cannon at goku at the start of the series, however as this circumstances is filler, it ends up having actually no lasting influence on the struggle or story.

There"s just no pointing out the unique Beam Cannon without pointing out the inventor himself: Piccolo. Draft in the 5 year interim in between the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and also Raditz landing on Earth, Piccolo’s will for the special Beam Cannon was to produce a method that would Goku v no difficulties whatsoever.

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And that it does! The one-of-a-kind Beam Cannon tears with both Raditz and Goku prefer it’s nothing. Exciting to note, Piccolo uses a revamped version of the distinct Beam Cannon during the fight versus Nappa. It seems that during his training with Gohan, Piccolo managed to speed up the charging procedure while likewise increasing the blast width.

2 Seven-three

A an ext recent enhancement to the franchise. Seven-three is one of Moro’s most exciting lackeys. A currently active antagonist in the Dragon sphere Super manga, Seven-three is a previous Galactic Patrol prisoner through the capacity to copy various other people’s powers and also store them far in bespeak to use them later. He have the right to only store a couple of at a times, however Seventhree have the right to use this come his advantage by collecting unique pairings.

In taking Piccolo’s powers, Seven-three naturally ends up with accessibility to the one-of-a-kind Beam Cannon, utilizing it against the Namekian. In the end, however, Gohan and Piccolo room able come outsmart Seven-three during their rematch. Yet the fight versus Moro is far from over.

personally trained by Piccolo leading approximately the confrontation v Nappa and also Vegeta, Gohan start the fight versus the Saiyans repping Piccolo’s signature Ki and also even blasting off a Piccolo influenced technique- the Masenko. It makes sense Gohan would have the ability to pull turn off some an ext of Piccolo’s assaults in the games, but beyond that, Gohan in reality does develop his very own version of the one-of-a-kind Beam Cannon during filler.

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On the way to Namek, once Gohan and also Krillin are picture training, Gohan imagines a unique interpretation of the special Beam Cannon. It no amount come much, however it’s nice Gohan fondly remembered the assault that eliminated his father. As far as why the anime would encompass Gohan using the distinct Beam Cannon, the a nice indication the Gohan has emerged considerably since starting his training v Piccolo.