What a difference a month makes, huh? as soon as we covered Sons that Anarchy earlier in September, it didn't seem favor much, however in the episodes due to the fact that that first review the collection has struggle its stride. The cast is great and getting better (even Jax is cultivation on me), the plot is kicking, and also the hoax are means more hit than miss. Finest of all, it turns out the motorcycle mysticism actually method something. Jax's continuous dips right into his father's publication give Anarchy something unique: a shot in ~ redemption. For once, the hero can not simply exist come screw up anyone he loves and also eventually die. He can actually gain to perform things right.

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"AK-51" starts v Jax and Piney selling ten weapons to among Piney's old war-buddies. The fulfill is awkward, as the buddy, Nate, brings follow me a young punk who tries come screw Sam Crow out of the complete price because that the automatics. That's just the start of the club's woes–Nate is component of a survivalists group, and also as quickly as they're armed with the Anarchy's guns, they do a clumsy raid ~ above a jail transport, death a cop and three civilians and attracting the attention of the Feds. The Feds perform a map on Nate's cell phone, and that trace leads to the main garage, top top the an extremely day as soon as the critical gun distribution comes in.

Gemma is having actually her own problems. She's going through menopause, which renders for some not successful sex through Clay; worse, Clay's young and skinny occupation from the patch-over party hitches a ride right into Charming ~ above the pistol shipment, serving up one unpleasant contrast while Gemma is feeling her age. Cherry's just there come see fifty percent Sack (real name: Kip), however Gem gets an eyeful of her and Clay and immediately realizes they hooked up. As always, whenever Gemma confronts a situation that provides her vulnerable, she gets pissed. And also when she it s okay pissed, civilization generally end up in pain.


The back-burning from critical week's "Giving Back" is pretty tough to top, but "AK-51" is less about the ultra-violence then it is about getting by and growing up. ~ Clay is arrested by an ATF agent (Ally Walker, who's probably having much more fun here than she did on Tell Me friend Love Me), it's up to Jax to find a method to relocate the guns out that the garage before the cops clear through with a warrant. He figures out a solution–septic truck transport–and faces Piney's general pissiness there is no breaking a sweat. The kid's obviously all set for Clay's place; there's even a minute at the end when Clay appears to be straight supporting a strength transfer. The inquiry is, does Jax want the position, and if he does, what the plans to execute with it? Dad-book-reading aside, Jax has actually impressed me as a clever yet not hugely self-aware kid. There's a line he offers Trammel at the end, telling him the problem with the idiot survivalists has actually been resolved: "Shit favor that won't happen again." that sounds choose he even believes it.

Gemma, ~ above the other hand, is more than likely the most self-aware character of the show, which makes the start of menopause even harder for her to accept. That sex scene in between her and Clay shows a different side than the sleazy ingredient we've checked out before; Gemma's sex-related attraction to be a huge part the her strength over she husband (and, through extension, the club), and now the it's slipping, she feeling her regulate slipping with it. She's pissed in ~ Cherry, but she's smart enough to recognize that it's no Cherry she's really mad at–I love the look at on her confront right ~ she smashes the girl v a skateboard, favor she knew the 2nd the plank made call she'd make a mistake. Gemma manipulates and also handles things. Going all trailer trash on a teenager in wide daylight isn't taking care of anything.

Still, she might have the ability to find some tranquility with aging. Her and Clay's conversation in ~ the jail, and her talk the following morning v Cherry, display her ago where she demands to be. The scene through Clay was among the best in the ep; after their screaming enhance earlier, there was something affecting around just seeing them talk. The moral affection between the two makes up for a lot.

The just real cons in "AK-51" is the resolution the the militia problem. After smuggling the guns out that the garage, Piney makes call with Nate again; his group offers to take it the remainder of the automatics for one more ten grand. It's way below market value, but due to the fact that the weapons are hot now, it's most likely the only offer top top the table. Jax has actually other factors for the meet as well; Opie rigs the AKs prior to delivery, and also after the survivalists have got hold of their gun bags and retreated to your fort, Opie pulls the end a remote and also the totality lot of them go boom.

It to be too simple an end. I accept that the problem needed to it is in resolved, yet all Sam Crow needed to do was lose a few guns (that castle couldn't sell anyway, and also they still gained paid something because that them) and also press a button, and everything's fixed? Sons is strongest when nothing is simple–despite the long-term problems the confrontation with the ATF developed (like the exploration that the Sons have actually been getting weapons from the IRA), that explosion was too TV-convenient.

Other 보다 that, though, it to be a solid episode, and also a nice method to inaugurate continuous TV club coverage. Sons of Anarchy is living up to potential and also then some; v the increasingly creepy Kohn running around, along with the promise of better pressure from the law and also the tensions pulling in ~ Jax, i can't wait to check out what happens next.

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

—We never ever did find out who flushed those panties.

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—Seriously, Kohn is freaking me out. How have the right to someone have actually a task in regulation enforcement and a restraining stimulate out versus them?

—Damn yet that back-burning to be hardcore. No really relevant to this week's episode, but … damn.