Windy weather isn’t fun for anyone, no matter what time the the year the is. In the winter, freeze winds help contribute come blizzard conditions. In the spring, high winds often accompany steering rainstorms. End the summer, gusts that wind remind everyone on the coast of disastrous hurricanes. And also in the fall, windy days kick up the leaves as a sure reminder of winter’s arrival.

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It’s straightforward to be in a poor mood during a publicly day, especially due to the fact that winds can make straightforward operations prefer driving to work-related or landing an airplane downright dangerous. This playlist is perfect to hear to while you read about weather through our Weather 101 Resources. Click the image listed below to obtain started.


In the meantime, we’ve preserve our favorite songs about the wind to help put you back in a an excellent mood during blustery days. Here’s a an option of the height ten from our playlist for her listening enjoyment.

1. The Wind Cries mary – Jimi Hendrix

The very first pick for our songs about wind playlist is “The Wind Cries Mary” by the late, an excellent Jimi Hendrix. Even if it is the wind is crying or whispering come you, it doesn’t yes, really matter. This track is a an excellent pick. And if someone finds Mary, please tell she we have the wind ~ above the line for her.

2. The Wind – Zac Brown Band

The 2nd song on ours wind playlist is an as necessary titled track by the Zac Brown Band. “The Wind” is the optimistic jam you have to drown the end the howling winds outside. If you’re outside during a specifically blustery day, you might have to organize on for her dear life, too!

3. Summer Wind – frank Sinatra

We’re bringing it earlier with this next pick, performed by open minded Sinatra. “Summer Wind” is just one of our more favorite types of wind, as lengthy as it’s no accompanied through a thunderstorm or hurricane. We like to think of the summer wind blowing in from throughout the sea while we sit on the beach. Sounds nice, right?

4. Blowin’ In The Wind – Peter, Paul and Mary

The fourth song around wind had on our playlist is “Blowin’ in the Wind” through Peter, Paul and also Mary. This is great for a windy day whereby you’re searching for answers. Us wonder if the wind ever before answered them…

5. Winter Winds – Mumford & young

We’re halfway v our list, so now it’s time for a winter wind song. “Winter Winds,” by Mumford & Sons, is an ext upbeat 보다 the location suggests. We particularly love the banjo.

6. The Winds the Winter – Ramin Djawadi

To continue the template of winter winds, the following song is titled “The Winds of Winter.” This piece is from the HBO phenomena Game the Thrones. This specific piece is featured in the last episode of the sixth season. Us won’t give any spoilers, however if you desire to guess which step it’s featured in, go ahead in the comments below!

7. Basic Wind – thankful Dead

There room harsh winds, winter winds, summer winds, and… simple winds? according to the thankful Dead, there are! gain our seventh tune on our playlist that songs around wind.

8. Wind of change – Scorpions

The wind deserve to put people in a contemplative mood. Our eighth tune on our playlist the songs about wind is the song to fulfill that mood. “Wind of Change” by Scorpions is among those rock ballads that us can’t get sufficient of. Enjoy, children of tomorrow!

9. Against the Wind – Bob Seger

Our penultimate tune on our perform is probably the one that puts united state in the finest mood. “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger is just one of those classic American tunes. Remember, if the wind really is gusting at dangerous speeds, girlfriend will should seek shelter versus it!

10. Dust in the Wind – Kansas

The last choose for our songs around wind playlist is “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. Quickly one the the most well-known songs around wind, this track is the perfect method to cap off our playlist. Not to mention, we have actually an employee who have the right to play the tune on ukulele nice well.

What Did we Miss?

We couldn’t fit all of our picks here, for this reason you can listen to our full playlist on ours Spotify page. Take it a look in ~ our list and see if us missed any kind of of your favorite songs around wind. You can suggest some new songs in the comment below and we’ll it is in happy to add them.

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If you’d favor to hear to other weather playlists, girlfriend can check out our songs about winter weather or our songs around hurricanes blog posts.