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Get your goggles prepared for the solar eclipse: when Louisiana isn"t one of the 14 U.S. Claims where the moon will completely cover the watch of the sun, we"ll still acquire a good look at a partial eclipse.

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NASA claims the moon will fully cover the sun in a path that will certainly be clearly shows to observers in the area that stretches native Salem, Ore. To Charleston, S.C. The U.S. Last experienced a total solar eclipse Feb. 26, 1979, and also the next one will certainly not happen until April 8, 2024.

Viewing the eclipse will depend on the weather, but the moon will just cover around 75 percent of the sunlight in new Orleans, according to the U.S. Marine Observatory astronomical Applications Department. The agency developed a solar eclipse computer system to screen when the occasion will be clearly shows in various locations.

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The table listed below displays as soon as the partial eclipse on august 21 will certainly be visible for several places within the new Orleans subway area.