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The rudest customer organization ever. I perform not compose reviews however I had actually to speak something. This is every time I speak to this office. Really rude people. Not to mention it’s constantly the girls that room the rude ones.

I called and spoke come Kimber about my situation, she was very rude and an extremely un professional. Please address this instance as she never ever knows what a human being is going with mentally and to be treated like I was by a government worker was very disrespectful heartening

I would choose to collection my appointment to visit her office to use social security number new applicant . Ns tried to contact telephone number but its claimed number is nit in use this time

The staff at this office is super rude. I tried faxing end some documents for mine client"s special needs case and it revolve out that together a representative we room not enabled to send info on behalf of the client. My client has unable to do to the office double already, and also as a non-English speaker has a tough time communicating with them, even through an interpreter.According come the cases rep who answered the phone, there are no instance assignments and there isn"t everyone at their office come be hosted responsible because that the handling of any case. I work very closely with the Manteca, Stockton and Modesto California offices and they all take care of processing in the very same manner. Supposedly Merced office think they"re special! awful customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never wanted to evaluation this location in really hopes that the SS office would better itself and the employees on that is own. That didn"t happen, so below are my thoughts. In general, every employees seem very lazy and also look prefer they don"t desire to work-related there. I referred to as for my mother earlier today and the employee won"t speak to me due to the fact that my surname wasn"t on "paper." That"s understandable, therefore I allowed my mom to speak to her and also informed her the my mother wouldn"t have the ability to speak complete/full English with her. My mother answered the inquiries she had in English. However, the employee accused me the answering one of the questions. This is as soon as I asked because that a Hmong speaking employee because we all couldn"t relocate forward right into the conversation. Because that the future, ns hope all employees won"t present that lazy/inefficient side of them and gladly aid the long line of world who are constantly at the SS office. Also, please straight all calls to an employee in our respective languages (Hmong included) in the automatic answering machine if her English speak employees can"t aid us even when we have actually an English speak translator on our side. Many thanks for reading. I hope mine future experiences through the SS office won"t continue to be bad like my past experiences.



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Opening up a MySocialSecurity Account If you paid in to Social defense or are looking for benefits, you will need to open a "my society Security" account. This is an virtual account straight from the society Security administration that allows you keep track of and manage her SSA benefits, and allows you to make transforms to your Social protection record. My Social defense Account Getting a Social protection Card OR instead of A Social security Card OR Correcting A Social defense Card 1. Learn what documents you"ll require to obtain an original, replacement, or repair Social defense card, whether it"s for a kid or adult, U.S. Citizens or noncitizen. Files List. 2. Review the indict for and also fill the end an applications for a new, replacement, or repair card. Social Security forms 3. Social security cards aren"t processed online. Publish your application and also find out whereby to take it in person or letter it. Missing Social defense Checks or Payments contact the agency. The paying company will provide you instructions on how to file a claim paper the claim with the payment agency. (800) 772-1213. Supplemental protection Income pays benefits based upon financial need. Social protection Disability Public society insurance programs the replace income lost due to the fact that of a physical or mental special needs severe sufficient to avoid a formerly employed human being from working. Monthly cash benefits room paid to the default individual with a disability and also his or her eligible dependents transparent the period of disability. SSI SSI benefits also are payable to world 65 and older there is no disabilities who accomplish the gaue won limits. People who have operated long sufficient may also be able to receive Social Security disability or retirement benefits and also SSI.