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ArtistVarious artists So therefore Def Recordings
4 June 1996
3.61 / 5.00.5 native 78 ratings
#351 for 1996

Joseph Epps illustration, designClay fearbut photographyShots through Shorty photographyChris Robeson photographyAl Thonso Jordan photographyAsbury Foster photography
Zach Solem mixing3Kidd Money backing vocals5, mixing5, producer5, writer5, featured5Tony butler writer5Oscar Jiminez mixing7, 10Carlos Santos mixing9, 12Danny D mixing9, 12, producer9, writer9, remixer12Taj Mahal mixing13The Dynamik Duo mixing13, writer13Paul Lewis producer13Black market Entertainment producer14
LieutenantRoastABotch may 25 2011 3.00 stars
ClintRuin Mar 21 2010 3.50 stars
pretty compilation v a grip of singles indigenous the an excellent Atlanta bass label for this reason So Def. If friend skim with the liner notes, you'll an alert one Jonathon "Lil Jon" blacksmith being credited a lot, either together a producer or because that mixing/mastering/engineering duties, and also I gotta say that I had actually no idea the was involved with anything this early! He always said that bass music was his solitary biggest influence and also that he come up in the bass scene, and really, friend can totally hear the root of ATL crunk in this stuff. However, don't expect any violent/gangsta content here, this is completely the much more fun/friendly next of Atlanta bass! It begins with the incredible, lush R&B track "My Boo" through Ghost city DJs, and also then quickly moves on to the crazy speak to and response rap anthems and lyrics around booty shaking and booty-friendly write-ups of clothing ("Koochie Kuterz", anyone?). The production on this ingredient is totally nuts.. Simply insane, tough as posesthe riot-starting beats every the means through. I don't yes, really recognize any kind of of the rappers aside from old heads Raheem The Dream and MC awkward D, but all of them carry out their job as base MCs well enough. Still this is absolutely recommended listening, preferably on a stereo through a super powerful sub and as loud together possible.
SellMeAGod january 27 2007 0.50 stars
A run party, that's around it. This did a fabulous project of predicting where rap would be 10 years later. Ns still think it's half-decent here, tho - a semblance of creativity amidst thee yelling 'n' laidback beats.

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