My all-time favourite instance of the trope, yet I can't it seems ~ to uncover it anywhere, no issue what ns google. Hopefully ns haven't perplexed two fics and that's throwing turn off my results. Here's every little thing I can remember about it:

Snape overhears Harry talking to himself/the storage of his mom shortly prior to the end of the college year, ns think on height of the astronomy tower? Or maybe simply outside. Anyway, what harry alludes to offers Snape one inkling that something is not rather right in ~ the Dursleys'. Snape concerns that he is failing Lily.

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Snape adheres to Harry ago to Privet journey from King's Cross. Top top the way there, the Dursleys refuse to assist Harry v his luggage therefore Snape casts feather-light on his trunk without betraying his presence.

Snape finds the end that the Dursleys are awful, takes Harry far from the Dursleys, as this trope typically goes.

I think Harry resides in Snape's quarters at the castle for many of the fic.

A recurring worry early top top is the Snape is offering e.g. Clothes and food for Harry and also Harry keeps supplying to pay for it every (since the Dursleys always made the feel favor a financial burden) and Snape is like "what the heck you're a kid, no you're not meant to pay for things". Ns remember Snape buys harry a nice coat.

Lupin and also Sirius are likewise in the fic, Harry visits them a couple times but there's a most tension in between Harry and also Sirius since Harry finds out that James to be a dick and Sirius makes excuses because that him. In ~ one suggest Harry comes earlier through the floo come Snape's, unscheduled, and that's a huge deal for part reason.

At one allude they go to the beach, ostensibly to gather some potions ingredients, yet later at a employee meal it's said that there was a lot easier means to gain the ingredients and Snape was being privately nice, oho.

Harry gets a gift that a exercise snitch.

At one suggest Harry has Ron & Hermione visit the castle during the summer. By this time Harry and Snape have the right to stand to be in every other's company but castle pretend come still be at odds, due to the fact that Snape is tho a spy because that Dumbledore. This comes ago when school starts back up, and also Harry is miffed about it however ultimately understands the factor for it.

I think at some point Harry it s okay injured because someone curses that or pushes the while he's on a flight of stairs and he... Maybe hits his head? and Snape is very upset about it since by this suggest he considers harry as great as his son. This isn't one of those fics wherein Harry's in reality his biological son, though.

At another suggest Harry gets abducted and also Crucio'd and also for some reason some hogwart staff, including Dumbledore and Snape, have the right to hear what's walk on where Harry is, despite they are still in ~ Hogwarts. Over there is a most yelling native Snape.

At the finish (or probably in a post-fic brief sequel? i can't remember even if it is this fic was finished, ns think it was finished yet there to be a to plan sequel that never gained off the ground) Snape finds out that Harry has to die to take down Voldemort.

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You'd think with that quantity of info I'd be able to just google the thing but so far, no dice. Would appreciate any help you have the right to offer.